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Is RTX A Con

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Ray tracing is a subtle difference. I wouldn't pay a lot for that feature. My main thing is to get a good quality VR headset. I play iRacing, ACC & MS FS 2020; my steering wheel, pedals and yoke, rudder, &t hrottle along with 55inch 4K QLED Freesync display (120Hz@1080P) is where the money has gone. I think I'll probably get a 6900XT to tide me over till I get 7900XT. I'm sure ray-tracing will add to the immersion but 7900XT will mainly be there to power the HP Reverb (4K) /HTC Vive Pro 2 (5K)...
I wouldn't say a subtle difference, depends on the implementation and the game type (which so far haven't been stellar). CoD/Battlefield, no matter what anyone says, you would be too busy getting shot at to enjoy it, Forza does it right already without it, Warcraft was a stain in the RTX brand, I could barely see any difference in Crysis with or without, Metro was decent, Control was decent, Cyberpunk? Now we're talking 😁 RTX done right is amazing 👍

RTX is not a scam by any means, but considering the hardware available it's not worth it in my opinion. Not everyone has $800+ to blow on a GPU capable of playing all RTX games smoothly (screw stuttery 60fps, I mean 100fps+ buttery smooth).
Portal RTX just came out today. Free "DLC" if you have the original game, which is also heavily discounted at the moment. Quickly tried it on my system which is mainly 3070 with 1440p native display. Native rendering was no go performance wise, but with Ultra quality mode, and DLSS manually set to performance mode, it felt smooth enough for me. Can't give a fps number since it seems to be working in some way that my usual method didn't work.