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Is running [email protected] in VM with Linux in Windows still a thing?

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Feb 25, 2004
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Since switching my Mancave PC to Ubuntu and reaping the benefits of higher PPD than Win 10.

It got me wondering if running Ubuntu or some other distro in a VM would benefit PPD. Been a while since I ran a VM the threads I found were old.

If I keep pushing Hayes for 1st , Team 32 will sow the rewards...(Curecoin might suffer...but hey we win lol)

I had an earlier thread where we would all pitch in under one name and Hayes would keep upping the ante to match it...apparently the idea does hold some water.:giggle:
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...... good question. I wonder if the efficiency of a Linux distro overcomes the additional overhead required to maintain a VM up.....
All my GPUs are running native linux, but at the bottom of the web page for downloading the FAH software Start folding

there is a link, Docker for GPUs, which goes to [email protected] GPU Container

I do not know anything about setting up or running the GPU container, but I saw an issue reported about wu for a current gpu project (p17257) failing in a 4GB VM due to lack of system memory. The peak system memory for core22 running p17257 has been reported to be a little over 4GB of system ram, so be sure to allocate plenty memory to the VM. My old rule of thumb used to be 4GB system ram per GPU, but prefer to have 8GB per GPU.
Thanks I'll look into the link...RAM is is no issue for this PC...32GB. Guess I'll need to try it and see if there is anything to be gained.

Edit: LOL I just looked at my sig (The reason I have the sig is so I can remember the specs...) It has 64GB in it...

EDIT # 2...That is overly complex...at least for me. I'll explore the more conventional VM's.
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@Dave, I used to run bunches of Linux VM guests in the client v6 era. I'm wondering if GPU Passthrough support is available for the more popular [email protected] video cards.
Yeah it was a little package we could run for v6...sounds like it isn't going to be the same for the new GPU's. If I get another GPU or 2 I'll run native Linux on a spare PC that is collecting dust..
As long as you use the user name of WhitehawkEQ and passkey of ........................ on those 2 extra GPU's :rofl:
Docker GPU passthrough is possible but not for the faint of heart. I'd say if the PPD boost is worth it to you, just run linux bare metal. We're damn near to linux gaming parity in tyool 2022 and the Steam deck is only going to help that, and if you really need Windows, spin up a VM of that...