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Is the Windows Client Garabge or am I just Stupid/Unlucky?

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Dec 25, 2001
Decided to let the new system crunch a little bit on some proteins. Still running the GTX770, got my fingers crossed for reasonable prices on 1180/70's this summer, so not willing to risk running full time on the 770. Was very curious to see how my new Ryzen would do. Seems to be a little beast.

Thing is I decided to run Windows again after a long time of using Linux Mint on my main rig. Folding on Linux was cake, set it and forget it. Windows has been another story for me so far. That web client is crap, so I try to run the old control, but the stupid little tray icon always vanishes, so I have to go into the install folder and run it there. When I reboot the client doesn't start. If I run the client off the install folder, it acts like a new install with no settings saved. Reinstall the client, all my settings are there. Irritating so far.

I am running in a Limited User profile, but used the "run as administrator" option by right clicking when installing. Does everybody just run the client on an admin profile? I'm not keen on doing that for, to me, obvious reasons. I'm too lazy to want to log in to multiple profiles at every reboot, and think its nuts to run an admin profile for day to day stuff.

So Is this all normal, or am I just missing something obvious I should be catching, but I'm too stupid to see, or just too rusty with Windows?


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Dec 6, 2010
Your just rusty, when the web control comes up, just close it and click on the [email protected] icon on the task bar, (it may be hidden) and click on Advanced Control. (see pic)
Unless your on a work PC, why would you give your self that account at home? I make my self the admin on all my PC's.

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