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Is there a modified BIOS for the ABIT-ST6?

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False Christian

Jan 25, 2002
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
I was wondering because there seems to be one for every other Abit board except my Abit-ST6RAID. My board currently maxes out at 1.700 volts and a vid-pin mod is out of the question.

Is there a modified BIOS that'll let me get up to 1.850 volts?

have you the newest bios? it's 9p .
all tualatins on st6 with this bios can you select 1.050v up to 1.825v without vid-pin.
the celi oc in your sig is very nice.
Might be the result of one of those old famous flash tricks, where you had a higher voltage limit after the flash, if you set a custom voltage before flashing. But I thought that stopped working on anything newer than a BX6-R2 ?

BTW, you do know that pumping more than 1.8v into a .13 micron chip is bad news, right? Isn't the maximum absolute voltage 1.9 or something? Look at all the stories of northwoods dying or becoming unstable after having been overvoltaged for months, although I don't see posts about that affecting Tualatins (yet). Maybe I haven't looked hard enough...

I wouldn't go above 1.75v on a tualatin.
Thanks for responding. I'm goona try the mod right on the socket and I will keep the voltage to 1.75 as it's running hot (54 degrees Celsius) at 1.675 volts.

Happy Holidays to you.:)