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Is there a way to link a fan rpm monitor to cpu shutdown?

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Jul 3, 2001
In essence this would be a great failsafe. Make a flow monitor out of a fan and than have its rpm monitor hooked to the mobo, that's easy, but is it possible to set it up so that if the fan rpm's drop below a point for a designated amount of time the cpu shuts down, there by preventing it from burning?

Maybe bypass the mobo all together an have a setup that shuts off power if rpms drop?

Just throwing out random ideas, figure this is a good question for all the electricians out there.

Looking at MBM5 under "fans" there is a minimum setting for fan rpm, at which point the alarm goes off. Further down in that panel there is a check box for "On alarm start application" and yet further down there is a check box for "on alarm start SHDN" which I assume is ShutDown.
Using MBM:s shutdown features is fine, but you have to be in windows for that. There is a very dangerous period when you boot your computer. If you hsf fan doesn´t work, your cpu will fry ten times over during the time it takes to boot into windows. So the question is a good one, how do you hook a fan rpm meter to the shutdown.

Anyone knows?
mmmh my pc boots in 12sec... I KNOW it isn't fried in that time; I have had this once (forgot to attach powerconnetor of hsf) it kept running 15 minutes and then a got a temp warning (back hen I thought: '"it doesn't go wrong with fans": cpu was 73°C (intel specs: 2°C)... and the heatsink was bloody hot... but the cpu survived it (thanks to the heatsink of course)
yeah you should have enough time to boot before she melts but if you don't login then you are in real danger. some mobo won't boot if you don't have a fan plugged in and spinning in the cpu fan header. Asus I think. maybe you could hack the bios in some fashion.