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Is there actually a Difference In Radiators?

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Feb 2, 2001
I see alot of types of Radiators. And I want to know Should I just get a Radiator made outta same Material as Waterblock? Should I just get one that Fits well in my Case? What Makes a Radiaotr Good...And what Makes one Great? I'll take all Opinions anyone wants to give. Thank You.
The more surface area a Radiator has, the better the cooling performance will be...typically.
I would recommend a cooling cube from www.dangerden.com or anyother good radiators. If you have a copper waterblock, go with the copper core radiator instead of aluminium to eliminate the battery effect.
Or if you have lack of room and want to keep it self contained try this route with copper line........
DOn't you think the picture is little weird...I've never seen computer with mobo on the right side in my life....:):):) Or is it the new AT something they came up with recently? ??? j/k
Yeah I was Gonna go with the Cooling Cube w/ the Maze2 Waterblock. Is there an Advantage of having your Resivoir Inside your Case? I though You should have a Bucket or something that can hold more water than that? Or does it not matter. Just depends on how much you wanna keep filling it up...Right? I was think of doing it But not sure if I wanted to Cram My Case full of things When I'm trying to Keep it cool.