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Is there an ALTERNATE fan for the FOP-38, LOUD MUTHA.....

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Dec 19, 2000
Also what temp should I see on a 1.2GB Tbird with this heatsink? At idle, and loaded. Right now, just sitting idle I get like 40C which seems a little high to me.
Since it sounds like you already have a fop38 try the 80mm fan mod and maybe add a rheostat for variable sped controll. You should be able to ballance noise/performance that way.
What fan is on my FOP-38 stock? Is it a Delta 60MM 38CFM? Is this http://millisec.safeshopper.com/52/389.htm?707 fan quieter? Should I bother with a rheostat? Does this fan cool better than stock fan? Where are the directions for this "hack" or can I simply screw this puppy on? What should I expect for idle temp from my 1.2G Tbird?

Better yet, get the fan Hoot recommended and make a fandapter so the airflow is focused on the HS. You can make one out of a 24 oz beverage can. Here is my “Bud” Fandapter. It took all of 30 minutes to make.

I talk to the guy at millisec by email, he said the 80mm panaflo wont fit. What's this adaptor you are talking about? The pic didn't pop up for me. BTW the Athlon specs say the 1.2G Tbird max die temp is 95C. That seems a little extreme.
Try reloading the page. No problem with the pic here. I believe you will find an article on fandapters in the Overclockers news archives. BTW, the folks at Millisec are good people.
Anyone have a link to plans for a fanadapter? is this a enlarger so the 80mm will fit? Also is 40C to hot @ idle?
The 80mm Panaflo is not a "drop-in" replacement for a FOP because they are designed for a 60mm fan. However, adapting an 80mm fan to work with the FOP heatsink is not all that difficult.

I forgot the second part of your question. Yes, 40C is higher than you should be able to achieve at idle. A lot depends upon the air temperature inside your case.

Jeez, a 80mm fan don't fit on a FOP? Guess I'd better take mine off then.

Yes, it fits and it's a great mod. I'm using a Sunon 80mm high output fan that is rated 42 CFM and is significantly quieter than the 60mm Delta. The fan clips that come with the FOP can be stretched out far enough to fit the 80mm fan. Cheap and simple, nothing to make or buy. This fan dropped my CPU temp 0.5 degree, motherboard temp 1 degree, and the noise level by 10 db.
Thanks batboy. It looked to me like an 8CM would fit on there too. I can't stand the frikken noise.
I removed my Delta 38 from my case today. Thank the Big Bopper, the little sob now nestles in a cardboard box. When I removed the Alpha PEP-66 it's screwed on to, I discovered matt of dust on the bottom of the PEP-66. It almost covered the entire bottom surface of the fins. Way to go, klosters64a--your professionalism does you credit. Not!
Periodic shots of canned air don't do the trick, folks. I suggest that you remove your PEP-66 and check the bottom of the fins before summer sets in. Your CPU will thank you! Or just flip the fan and have it blow on the HS.

I installed a new FOP and tie-wrapped a 42.5 cfm Sunon 80mm to it. I'm using it on a Slocket, so two of my Dimm slots are blocked, but the Crucial 256 Mb Dimm only needs one slot.

My case cutting, fan installation, and banishment of the Delta from Hell-a are now complete. Can I get a "yaay?" Yaay!!

A ducted 60-80mm adapter to put an 80mm on the Alpha would probably be better than the setup I have now. Plastic ones are sold in Japan now, but they are very expensive, as well as very,--perhaps too tall. Dunno if there will ever be a US distributor.
So what kinda temps are you getting with the new fan compared to the 7000rpm delta?