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Is there any Programs to adjust the clock multiplier and not just the fsb?

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Senior Member
Mar 7, 2001
If anyone knows of any will you let me know , I just hate haveing to manually do it with jumpers and for some reason it is hidden in my bios but I can adjust the fsb but cant change the multipler settings from there , thanks WILDONE
well it is an award bios 10-19-2000 and in the book it says that you can adjust it through the bios but it is hidden and only shows the fsb speed
i am pretty sure that you can't do it in windows. You might try to flash the bios with a newer version that would enable that, also can you set it with jumpers?? Annoying, but could help.
yes,I adjust it with the jumpers now but have to back it off a little during the summer because of the heat ,any OC should know how that goes ,but anyway what if I flashed my bios with the last update the mb manufacturer had becuse it was just like a month older then this one and maybe the place I bought it from had the company to flash it with these settings hidden because of the warranty ,just a thought but what do you think,,,,,,,,,,,WILDONE