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Is there anything wrong with this card?

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Only bad thing I see about it is that 3dFX was bought out by Nvidia , and you probably will not see anymore updated drivers for the card.

I have a Voodoo3 2000, and its a nice card, but it dosn't have 32bit color like the 4000 does.

What is drawing you toward this card?
Cause I just need a quick fix for a card before I get my new computer in September. I dont care about the drivers things. After September this card couldnt mean diddly squat to me.

And im getting it for free. Someone getting it for me. It should come with the installation software. right?
If its free go for it, even if there is no cd with drivers and such you can d/l them. As long as its a quick fix not a permanent solution.

worked great for me when i had it in my old p3 650 i benchmarked at default 3315 with 3d mark 2000 and never had any problems playing so many games and their not too bad at overclocking igot mine up to 190\190