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Is this 4.5ghz 6600k OC a real overclock?

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New Member
Apr 29, 2016
Hey, First post on the forum, also an OC noob.
I was wondering if this OC is a real 4.5ghz OC because, i have not messed with the voltage at all but it seems like my cpu is running at 4.5ghz at stock voltage. I have tried googling this topic and it seems everyone has changed their voltage when gaining a 4.5ghz OC. here is a screen shot from HWmonitor.

Essentially i'm asking if i need to mess with the voltage or if i'm good to go. This screen shot was taken after about 3 hours of playing on rainbow six siege on ultra for about 3 hours.

msi gaming m7 mobo
msi 970 gaming 4g
212 evo (edit)

Are you stable? If so, I wouldn't worry about it.

Have you confirmed the voltage with another program like CPUz? Or checked it in the BIOS?
By "stock" do you mean that your CPU voltage is set to auto in BIOS?

I agree with EarthDog about verifying the processor voltage with another program.

"rainbow six siege" is probably not the best tool to use to verify if an overclock is stable. These forums have many threads about how to check for overclock stability.

You should read through them and come back with results after you have run some different tests!