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Is this a good power supply?

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Oct 16, 2002
Madison Heights, MI
Well it depends on what your using it for, but the 5v and 3.3v put out 220watts together so that should be more then enough for pretty much any common system.

3.3v : 3.34
5v : 4.97
12v : 12.03

3.3v : 3.32
5v : 4.97
12v : 11.99

I dont really heavily monitor my voltages or anything, but so far my psu has worked flawlessly

But I would go with the power supply I purchased for the same price, more watts...all aluminum, VERY HEAVY, and dual fans, Im very pleased with it.

46$ shipped at newegg (Link at bottom of page)

Allied 450 watt psu and its 230watt combined(3.3 & 5) running:

1600+ @ 1.75ghz (195mhz fsb)
256megs ddr (195mhz)
80gig WD SE
30gig WD 7200
[email protected] liteon burner
16x liteon dvdrom
soyo kt400 mobo
1 120mm / 140 cfm fan
1 80mm / 84.1 cfm
6 80mm / 34 cfm
1 60mm / 30 cfm
70mm 10cfm HD cooler
~30 cfm pci card blower
12in Cold cathode tube (blue/green)
6 port baybus
Onboard sound / Lan

Link to Newegg

Or you could go with a sparkle 350 watt psu, they are about the same price and are some of the best psu's ive ever seen. The 350watt model almost beats my 450watt allied.
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May 15, 2002
Thanks for the advice. Not sure what I'm going to get but you helped narrow it down for me.