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is this a good voodoo 5500 overclock?

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Dec 31, 2000
well after killing my geforce gts, i was stuck with the opition of replacing it with a cheaper card. i was gonna get a 64 meg geforece mx, but got a good deal on a voodoo 5500 ($119). so after having it pass stability tests and what not, i went to town modding it with my custom alpha ram sinks and twin socket7 cpu coolers. i cranked my epox's agp voltage to 3.6 and went to town. the best i got so far thats 100% stable is 192 mhz. i don't know if thats a good overclock for this card so let me know. also is 2.6 agp voltage pushin it?

and one more thing, is 4895 a low score for this card in 3dmark2000? i use to get 6000+ with my gts.
That is an EXCELLENT overclock, with my stock fans on my VOodoo5, I can only get em stable at 183, but I will be getting mt lorbs soon :)

And yes that is also an exxcellent score for a Voodoo5. The Voodoo5 score is much lower because it doesnt have T&L, therefore recieves a much lower mark. But with that overclock, in real lige gaming those two (2GTS V5) would be pretty damn close!

Nice job!
yah, i got some $5 socket7 heatsinks on the gpu's, and some custom made alpha ram sinks that i swiped off my broken gts. i feel the back of the gpus are very hot, yet the base of the heatsinks are cool to the touch. so i'm gonna some how cool the back of the pcb board. i'm also gonna cool the heatsinks more. i can run looped 3dmark2000 all night but i was playin q3 team arena and it frozed. so i'm gonna do some more cooling tricks to get it 100% stable, because whats good about having it @ 192 when your only surfin pages.
when I built Cyan's machine recently it ran 4500 in 2000 on the first try. I never did change the heat sinks or overclock the card.

mine however runs stable at 195, but gets strange screen pixels while running 3D 2000. None the less it doesn't do it in Q3 or UT. I've heard of several 5500's running 195 easily.......some with cooling mods running at over 200. The ramsinks are useless btw.........

The 5500 is on sale for less than $100 all over the place now........once 3DFX dropped out, the prices fell almost instantly.