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Is this an ok OC for a 2000+?

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Apr 30, 2003


I'm new to this but right now I have it at 180x10.5 and 1.75 volts and the stock AMD heatsink.
Im going for 2 Ghz tomorrow :) XP wouldnt load to show the screen but I was at 1.8 volts, Im going to throw 1.85 at it and 180x11.5 and see if I cant get 2.07GHz. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee this is fun lol.
i wouldn't raise the voltage too high using the stock heatsink. infact, i wouldn't even OC using the stock heatsink.

keep an eye on your temps and good luck :)
Whats weird is that this stock HS gives better temps at 1900 Mhz than my Volcano 9+ with AS3 at 1710. I dont know why either.
I had it at 5000 rpm and at idle it would be 42° C at 1710 where with the stock HS I can run it at 3000 rpm and be in the 38-40° C range at 1900 Mhz.
Are you sure that you had the heatsink on tight with the volcano? I wouldn't put my voltages too high either. It makes me nervous to think that it will be running at the speed when it turns summer. I keep thinking that the temps will go sky high.
I am on XP so I think I used this one.


All I did though was run the setup and under that Magic Utility option I selected USDM.