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Is this blower good?

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"4,000 CFM @ 0 Static pressure with 80 PSIG inlet pressure"

Yep, it's good!! :)
kinda a joke

The thing is an industrial blower for removing hazardous fumes in production, and has a 12 inch diameter, if someone could get one of these things hacked into a case, it would look so awesome.

Good luck getting it to run... its pneumatic. You'd have to supply it with compressed air in order to get it to work.... and if you've got compressed air, you might as well just blow that straight into your computer. Plus the thing is 9 3/4 inches THICK. But I'll bet you would have no air flow problems if it would work. You probably wouldn't even need a fan on the CPU's heatsink at all. It would be fun to try....
kat (Feb 07, 2001 08:00 p.m.):
my thought`s are that you would need to tie your case down as im sure it would want to fly around the room ;D

Now that's what i'm sayin. ;D
I bet the pressure would be so high that it would bend the capacitors and other parts....

Girlfriend: " Has anyone seen my cat?"

You: cleaning out hair from you system "No dear"

I think indeed that fan could proably snatch you right out of you chair if you cranked it to the max hehehe