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Is this config right?

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Nov 12, 2002
I have a Thermaltake case. http://www.thermaltake.com/products/cases/5000.htm I used to have five case fans, and a volcano 9. Two front fans would suck air in and two back fans would blow air out, while my side panel fan would suck air in. At load, while I played Tribes 2, I would be running 44C. Well I wanted to be the first dude on the block to have a watercooled pc, so I bought a watercooling system. I went super cheap and settled for the Iceberg 1 kit. Now when I run at full load I can reach up to 48C. I have the two front fans still sucking air in, and three back fans blowing air out, with my side panel fan sucking air in still. If you're not familiar with the iceberg 1 kit then check this out: http://overclockersclub.com/iceberg1watercoolingkitreviewtest.php#09 Now my main question would be: Did I basically buy this watercooling system just to reduce sound, and if I wanted a "cooler" system should I just stick with my Volcano 9? Also do I have the fans set up right in my case, or should some that are blowing be sucking, and so forth? And would it be worth putting my radiator outside my case, or just not worrying about all that, and put forth the money and buy something "nice"?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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May 8, 2002
I think that the temp/time graph is kinda weird in the review of the Iceberg. At one point it seems like volcano is about to overtake the iceberg, but suddenly veers off, up in temps again.
It looks like something suddenly happened to the heatsink assembly, like it got loose, and stuck again(but not so good).


Jun 19, 2002
I don't know if the performances are normal but it looks to me like you could improve that noise reduction. With a watercooled CPU you drastically reduced the amount of heat produced inside the case. You still need to keep a little airflow to deal with heat from the GPU, northbridge, HDs... but two intake plus two exhaust (throught the radiator) would probably be enough. Maybe even one of each will suffice, you gotta try and see how it goes. But six fans for airflow in a wc system seems like overkill.