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Is this good or bad? Little problem too!

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Apr 21, 2008
Hi.. This is my first post but my computer has been overclocked for quite sometime now and was hoping to get some feedback and maybe a little help with problem that I mentioned in the title. I have had this computer for a little over a year now, so bare with me its not as up to date as the ones that most of you are probobly running these days. Its has been and stays stable from 18 degree when idle or doing light tasks then reaching at highest 28-30 degrees when performing extensive tasks, for example transcoding 700MB .avi movie then recording it to a DVD which takes the system about 22 minutes to complete which initially reallly amazed me seeing that my last Intel P4 3.0 Ghz HT 800FSB on a Asus P4C800 Deluxe MB which at the time seemed hella fast, would take at least a hour and a half to only transcode the movie and another 10-15 minutes to burn it. At the moment it is currently overclocked OC'ed at 400mhz x 9 which yields a 1600FSB which has not yet have given me any problems yet besides the little problem that I experienced. It is a little issue because I can still use the comp but with just one less chip of RAM that I expected to be using. It started when I decided to add 2 X 1Gb of Kingston Valueram (I think model KVR800???) to the existing 2 x 1Gb of the same type of RAM already installed that I originally used to build the system and was hoping in the end up havin a 4GB dual channel setup. Also fill in the remaining 2 open dimm slots on my motherboard, all which influenced my decision to with more Valueram. I'll admit it is really budget oriented RAM but prior to experiencing problems with it, it appeared pretty decent and ran pretty good in the system, not giving any problems and even scoring 5.9 rating on the Memory(RAM) portion of the Windows Vistas Experience Rating. All which lead me to think an additional 2GB would make the comp run even faster and maybe even reach 6.0 on the rating which believe is the highest score possible. So I order and received an additional 2 X 1GB ram sticks. After installing turn on the computer and all I get is a blackscreen like the monitor wasn't getting a signal. I could even hear the system power but nothing would display, not even the Bios nor can't recall even hearing any sequence of beeps that would most likely be useful to diagnose and determine the problem. First, I made sure that all connections were secure, reseatted RAM, then attempted to boot it up again and got the same result. I then tried pulling out 1 stick, started up the computer which successfully ran with no problems even sensing the 3rd GB of ram installed. I then
tried different combinations insertting the 4 sticks in groups of 3's which seemed to work no matter how I joined them. At the same time intending to find which chip or dimm slot was faulty by using process of elimination. But all of the seemed RAM seemed to work as long as only 3 were installed once. As soon as forth slot was filled again boot up to a depressing black screen not even reaching the BIOS. I am suspecting an incompatiblity or a limitation could be the cause. I checked BIOS, read the manual over dozens of time, but could not find anyhing. Since the computer was able to boot up with 3GB, I tried manually entering the timings and voltages in the BIOS than turned off the computer, put the forth stick back in but still ended up with the black screen. It's been a while since I took another crack at fixing it and have been settling for the 3 x 1GB that I am allowed to use until I can figure what the problem is. Anyone have the same or similar problem or might know what could be the cause? If so please share for I would like to get that 4th chip installed. I pretty much use to watch, burn movies and music which is what requires a pretty good computer especially when trying to playback and reproduce HD videos and movies the way they were meant to be scene . Besides that the only game I play on it, is WC3 Frozen Throne which runs hella smooth and flicker free on either screen I use. The specs of my computer listed below and I also included a screen shot of AISuite and my Vista Experience Score. So please let me know what you think of my setup wheather it be advice or just throw in your 2 cents whether it be good or bad and thank you for taking the time to review my system. I also was hoping find out where does my system stand amongst others today? From the info that I provided, do you think I will need a new computer anytime soon or does it still got what it takes up to keep up with times or at least the meantime 2-3 years? Good or bad as long it is relavent feel free respond and comment. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Asus P5K-VM in Thermaltake Xaser II ATX Case
650 Watt Generic Power supply with LED cheap on Ebay
Maxtor 500GB SATA-300 hard drive.
Asus 18x SATA DVD-RW
Maxtor 200GB ATA 133 hard drive
Maxtor 120GB ATA-133 hard drive
Intel Core Duo E6850 OC'ed at 400mhz X 9 = 3600 mhz FSB 1600mhz
Cooled by Zalman 9600 CPU fan
3GB Kingston PC-800 Valueram
OC Pny Geforce 8600 GT 512 DDR3ram
w/dual DVI-running to
32" Samsung Series 4 720p LCD used as primary monitor
Sony Bravia KDF-50E3000 50-inch 1080p used for HD movies and television
Vista Business x64


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First of all, fix that pic so its legible and resize it. 2nd I would try using a different temp program, I highly doubt your idling at 20-30c at 400x9 on a zalman. 3rd of all, the ram thing, you might need to give your NB a tad more voltage or your mch. Try booting with all 4 sticks at 266fsb and make sure thats not the problem.
if the motherboard doesn't support 64bit that'll be your issue. I've just upgraded from a motherboard that wasn't 64bit (though could install Vista64, there's a difference) just so I could boot with 4GB ram.
To the OP, Epic wall of text. Hurt my eyes, but yeah your temps seem way to low for your setup something aint right.
First of all sorry about the distorted picture. It's a little difficult gauging how a picture will look on another persons screen when its made on 50" screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and appeared to looked okay on my side. Hopefully you can see this new one more clearly which you sould cause resized it on my old P4 hooked up a 17" Envision crap monitor. If you take a look you should be able to see that I got another temperature monitoring program like you suggested. "Speedfan", which I have read and continue to see in OC threads and forums discuession. forums as a popular program widely used known by over clockingblic for their accurate temperature readings. But for some strange reason its now reading that the CPU temperature went down 4 degrees and remains stable at 22 degrees. I can recall during some cold nights where I have seen it get as cool as 15 degrees and stay between 15-17 degrees. I live in Hawaii so no the wheather wouldn't jurastically affect the outcome of the temp readings cooling wise but the year round sunlight does make the temperature rise during the day. FYI the Stock Intel Heat Sink and fan that came along with this processor was reading 30-40 degrees. Only this time the same reading is displaying identically on both CPU temperature monitoring programs. I hope these temp monitoring programs are not providing misleading results to people, with low temp reading causing them to overclock pass what is safe. And like I said, i've messed with the settings in the BIOS and manual timings, doing exactly what you suggested going through different frequencyand even going as low 266 just gave me a black screen. Anymore ideas what the prob could be? and what do you suggest about the low CPU temp readings? Should I get a new sink and fan. This whole time I thought the Zalman was working great. Lookin forward to your response...
if the motherboard doesn't support 64bit that'll be your issue. I've just upgraded from a motherboard that wasn't 64bit (though could install Vista64, there's a difference) just so I could boot with 4GB ram.

Good point which supports my first suspicion of compatiblity issues. So did you get a black screen too? The manual of the Asus P5K-VM clearly says that it is indeed a 64-bit Vista compatible motherboard and can run over 8GB of RAM, given that you are using a 64-bit operating system and using 2GB in each of the 4 slots. I sorta gave up making a it priority to get it fixed but would really seriously like to know what the cause is when it appears there shouldn't be prob. I was also reading it could be due to pairing up 4 x 1GB chips that work in both single channel and dual channel could be causing the problem when all for are in place at once. Haven't had access to another set of RAM and for sure ain't going to invest money to get one more GB of my memory going. Rather wait until its common to see 2GB x 2GB selling for pennies.

Plus 1Gb chips are are slowly but surely becoming like how 256mb and 512mb chips started to phase out over the years, forcing everyone to upgrade with time. I saw 8GB single sticks of selling on Ebay already. Probobly only used servers or super computers but I gurentee you some day its going to be common to have large ammounts of RAM in your PC. I mean they already got the operating systems capable of handling up to 128 GB. Everyone else just gots to transition, similar to how Digital cable is forcing the stop of analog being broadcasted. In the sense many will argue about making the change cause nobody likes change but when the change does happen those same people learn to appreciate the quality and potential that change brings. Hence 32 to 64 shall be a big change for everyone who is affected by computers which when it comes down to it is everybody.

If you can think anything else that could be causing the 4GB limitation which prevents fully renders my computer useless. Let me know. Appreciating the feedback from you all. Hopefully somebody gots the resolution for this.
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I few random thoughts:

A generic 650W power supply may cause all kinds of problems. Might want to look in the Case and power supply section. (Might try upping the voltages on the NB)

I have the same processor as you do and I get around the low to middle 30's in Coretemp. It;s getting warm in Chicago and that's at the default settings 3.0G

If you really do think it's a memory problem Google Memtest and run that.

I applaud you putting as much info in to your post most members don't give enough detail.
If the OS in indeed 64-bit, you should see all 4 gigs of ram....

here is something to check:

Type 'msconfig' without the ' ' and hit enter.

Go to the boot tab and click "advanced options..."

Check the box that says "Maximum Memory" and if 4096 doesn't show up, edit it to show 4096.

Click okay and then apply and then reboot.

Check to see if all 4 gigs shows up. If not, your question will probably get more answers in the "Microsoft Operating Systems" Thread under the Software listing.
Have you tried running Each stick of ram (meaning put one stick in, and if it works, move it to the next slot) in every slot? You could have a bad board. :shrug:
Have you tried running Each stick of ram (meaning put one stick in, and if it works, move it to the next slot) in every slot? You could have a bad board. :shrug:

If you read my long *** story above which i'm not suppised you didn't LOL, you would have read that yes I tried each slot. All the slots and RAM chips appear to work with no problems as long as I don't put in 4 at a time. Putting in any combination of 1, 2, or 3 works fine its just that dang 4th chip fully stops my comp from booting and not a particular 4th chip, where ever and which ever chip is placed bring my whole system to a halt. They work fine with 3GB, never get any memory errors so I think RAM is still good but like that dude mentioned only way to be certain would be to run a memtest. Thanks for the suggestions though!
did you try memory remapping in your bios ?

Yeah, by default remapping was already turned on. I tried turning if off which made no difference. I appreciate the help though. Let me know if you got any other ideas that it could be.