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is this hot??

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Jan 15, 2001
Hong Kong
i m running a slot 1 pen 3 800eb processor on a asus p3v4x board
the cpu is always around 52-55c when idle with a few programs open and it always max out at 64c, never got any higher than that
my mobo is always around 28-32c for some reason, are these considered hot?
notice that i am only using the original fan for my processor except that i changed the thermal grease(not arctic silver)
the mobo has no cooling except for a heatsink ONLY over the VIA chip
is that hot?, if so, plz tell me how to lower temps?
and i just isntalled a 5000rpm 12v 8cm fan to cool down my hard drive but i figured out that i dunno where to direct the air to since the fan is blowing downwards

btw i m using a mid tower casewith a 300w power supply
That's pretty warm. You probably want to replace that stock HSF. What do you have for case fans?
i only have a 5000 rpm fan to cool my hd
and a pci slot fan to cool my agp card but it not enough so i will replace it with a blue orb soon when i get my $$$