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Is this normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Senior Lighting Designer
May 2, 2001
Ok I take off my ALPHA PAL 6035 HSF and clean off all the Stock compound on the bottom so I can put on some AS2 and to my suprise on the bottom of my HSF is a Brown rectangle thats an exact copy of my DIE on the Heatsink in brown stuff that I can't get off WHAT IS THIS IS IT NORMAL PLEASE HELP and WHAT DO I USE TO GET IT OFF and WOULD THIS BE THE REASON MY IDLE TEMP WENT FROM 27C TO 32C AND WONT GO BACK.

Any advice would be appreceated.
I dont know what it is...but you could try using acetone or diluted muriatic acid to remove it.
Hi Sony,
try to clean it with aceton or isopropilic alchool and if it won't be taken off you can lap it a little with wet/dry sandpaper 2000.
Yeah, thats normal for the cheap stuff. Acetone is the recomended solvent, but if it is baked in you might have to lap it a little to get it off.
Good old Gumout carburetor cleaner really cuts the crud. Use it carefully as it removes paint also and make certain the room has some ventilation. After several passes with the Gumout, when the rag or paper towel comes away clean, follow up with some alcohol. A bottle of either methyl or isopropyl HEAT, gas-line de-icer works well. They have less water in them than rubbing alcohol. Give it a couple of passes with that stuff and you should be ready for a fresh grease job.

Ok can someone remind me how to lap a HSF I think I'm going to have to do that to get it off since it is baked on. Thanks Guys!!
well, I'm lapping my homemade block by putting normal dry sandpaper face up on a big piece of glass. I start with 220 then move to 320, 400, 600. Everybody else as far as I can tell goes to at least 800 and some go as high as like 1500 or 2K. I'm too lazy for that and it takes a long time. YOU may want to start with something more fine if your HSF was flat to begin with. I start with 220 'cause what I'm using can in no way be described as initially flat.