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is this normal?

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Nov 6, 2002
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
hello, i'm new to these forums, and i wasn't sure if this one was the right one to post this in but here goes nothin...i have an AMD Tbird 1Ghz processor and an ASUS A7V-M Mobo...the ASUS probe utility that came with it says that my core voltage is 1.437...is that normal because it seems other people on the forums have alot higher...i haven't overclocked this system yet:rolleyes:, but i just thought that was low....any information would be appreciated, thanks,

Sounds right to me o and welcome to the forums!
thank you for the replies, but why have i seen people with voltages of 1.85? i believe you that its normal, i'm just wondering, because my pentium III 667 has a core voltage of 1.7....thanks,

Most people running that high are over clocked.