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Is This Overclockers.com, Or Martha Stewart Living?

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Dec 16, 2000
I swear to God, it seems like at least a few of the guys gave up making doilies and shifted over to overclocking TBirds.

If you're not pushing your machine that hard, your needs are more moderate. I'm not talking to you.

I'm talking about people who want all glory and no inconvenience: the weekend rock climbers who want to climb Mt. Everest, but don't want to bring oxygen because it is "so heavy."

"Oooooh, it's too noisy. Oooooh, it's too heavy. Oooooh, putting thermal grease on again after moving the machine is so messy."

You want heavy-duty action now, you need heavy-duty protection now, and right now, that means a heavy copper heatsink. You're cranking out 100 watts of heat in a half-square inch of CPU area running at 1500MHz at 1.85, and the more extreme folks are punching out more like 150 watts. This is serious business, especially when the average measuring device isn't worth squat. At the edge, it's over four times the heat a PIII puts out at 1GHz.

If you want to run TBirds at 1500-1600MHz or more, like it or not, you're a fireman. The fire doesn't care if you're not wearing protective garb because you thought it was too heavy or unfashionable. It will still burn you.

If you don't want extreme solutions, don't get into extreme situations.

This is a computer, not a dance partner. Poor babies, having to remove their heatsinks when they transport it. If you don't want to chip your nails, buy a PIII. Or an iMac. Or run that TBird at 1Ghz all the time. Or use water.

Or try running that TBird at he-man speeds with a girly-man heatsink and find yourself crashing a lot, and I'd bet in a lot of cases, eventually, it just won't boot one day.

I really think we're going to run into a hell of a lot of heat-related problems in the next few months because people essentially want light-weight condoms, and don't care that the light weight comes from all the holes in them.

If there were something lighter that got the job done, we'd certainly tell you. Down the road, we may see lighter-weight heat pipes, maybe new materials. Right now, you want to go to the edge, it's heavy metal or water. Period. You don't like that, don't go to the edge until when or if there's something more suitable.
Did I miss something? I have to agree with you though. I'm forcing myself to learn more than I ever thought I would have to know when I bought my first cpu/mb when my old one up and died. Now, I'm installing water-cooling, learning about airflow and resistance, modifying cases with a dremel, all good stuff.
I've been looking at a lot of cooling posts, both here and elsewhere, and it seems some people are pretty oblivious to the realities of what they're dealing with, like the problem goes away if they don't pay attention to it because it's personally inconvenient.

If we're talking 1.2 or 1.33Ghz at 1.75V, this isn't so critical.

If people are taking proper measures, like you are, what I said certainly wasn't meant for you. It's for those who aren't.

Writing an article about this.
Thank you Ed. Your colorful, but accurate metaphors have once again abated the aneurysm I start to form every time I read a post from someone who wants to "Talk the talk", but not "Walk the walk".

stroligo: All I have to say is that was very well put and much in need of being said!
Well said stroligo, I haven't even oc'ed my system yet, because I'm not sure I can keep it cool enough. It's loud enough now that, that when my brother called, the thought I was vacuuming. However I didn't like the reference to climbers. Some people have an naturaly oxy saturation level, and don't need the tanks to climb past 14 000' . Some don't.
---However I didn't like the reference to climbers. Some people have an naturaly oxy saturation level, and don't need the tanks to climb past 14 000' . Some don't.

Sure, but you find that out one way or the other BEFORE you start climbing Everest. :)
Colin (Jun 14, 2001 02:57 p.m.):
Who is Martha Stewart?

Have you ever had a lady friend who wanted everything in its proper place and nice and neat and found things like cute little Christmas decorations important? Did you find that at least a bit evil? If so, then Martha Stewart is the Antichrist. She is Heloise on crack.

Women can't even stand Martha Stewart because she sets a standard nothing even vaguely human could meet.

Martha Stewart Living is a magazine that is part of her
enterprises. A typical story in Martha Stewart Living "I found three rotting orange peels out on the street. Here's how I built sixteen homeless shelters with them, and guess what I found while doing that? The cure to cancer!"

You get the idea?
i am with you 100%
now if only danger den would hurry up....
waiting since the 3rd (theier e-mail was down for over a week and got all the orders very late)
I do belive some of ya'll mis-interpreted my message. I didn't like the reference to climbers, because I'm a climber. I have no desire to climb evererst, and I think that wasting $65 000 (last time I checked) for a permit to be on a mountain for 45 days, would be better spent on something else. I fully agree with Stroligo, that there's a ton of people out there who just Oc their machines for entirely the wrong reason. It's like all those people who run around posting their top 3DMark scores on madonion.com. I have more respect for the guy who oc's his machine from 300 to 350, and is really proud of his achivement because it runs as stable as it did at 300. The fact that he spent the time doing all the research to get it to go 50 Mhz more, but but knows where the to draw the line. Rather than the guy who has way too much money on his hands, runs out and buys a t-bird 1000. tries to get it to go as far as he can take it with absolutely no time invested in the project, and frys it 5 minutes after he gets the thing home. Then posts "...yeah, I had one of those...f**king thing is s**t...it burnt out in less than a half hour...gonna get me a 1333 266, tomorrow, gonna hit 1700 with it....".
Are those the guys you initally posted about?
I like your blunt way of putting that, cheers. And your absolutely right about people trying to push t-birds like they would a P3, it just don't work. If you don't want to swim with the sharks, stay at the frikkin' kiddy pool. I myself will be in with the sharks here in a couple of weeks when i get my 172watt TEC and Bench PSU, but until then i think i'll just hang out here in the deep end with my little Arm Floaties, lol. But hey, 1600 mhz aint too shabby...