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Is this pump adequate .....

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New Member
Mar 23, 2001
Could someone tell me whether or not a Little Giant Statuary Fountain Pump (model number 567022) with a 300GPH rating (I assume that's @ 1') will be a good enough pump to supply water to Danger Den's Maze2 Water Block, their Cooling Cube Radiator, and the video and chipset block? The block is being installed on top of a 156 watt pielter, if that makes a difference.

I found it for half price at Home Depot, so I figured I'd pick it up. If the general consensus is that it's not adequate then I'll return it.

Do you feel that an in-line pump would be better? Isn't it easier to remove the air from a system with a submersible pump? Finally, isn't the water temperature with a submersible pump in a reservoir cooler then the water in a closed loop system using an in-line pump?

Can you recommend a better pump? If this one is ok for now, what would be a good for the future?

Thank you for you assistance! Have a nice day! :)

I would think it would be good enough for the system you are running. I am running a in tank fuel pump from a 1987 chevy pickup and mine only pumps a true 25gph at 5' lift. 31c idle and never over40c loaded.
Little giants are OK ,I am using one too I think ... anything over about 90gph is plenty of flow!!
Not to say that is a bad pump, but that one id built to power a waterfall or fountain where if it happens to burn out then there is no problem. However if it happens to burn out in a PC, you are screwed. I use a little giant pump in my pond out back and it has worked continuously for 1 year at 3500 gph (yeah its big) so I guess it would be allright. Make sure it isn't a sumppump because those have to be underwater to run.