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Is this safe?

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Dec 20, 2000
I was having problems with a 1.1ghz on Asus A7V with a chrome orb cooler. It was running hot I guess at 62c (temp from bios so I assume it wasn't even at full load) so I cleaned the stock thermal pad off and used some radioshack thermal grease. The computer was idling at 50 and it went as high as 58 when I was playing games for a while. The 58 had me worried so my friend suggested I use my room fan to cool of the motherboard. I pulled the panel off of the case angled it 45 degrees to the 14 inch windmere room fan (with remote control!) and turned it on high. Within two minutes my cpu temp dropped from 58 to around 47c, now it idles around 45 with the fan on..
My question: Is this safe to have your case open and a big *** fan blowing on it? There is a lot of air flow now, and I am worried that the dust may damage the board or something. Besides I would rather not have this setup, but Im not sure the best fan to replace my chrome orb.. (probably global win fop38)
It's not going to damage anything, but it sure is a ***** isn't it?

I have the same deal as you right now, but I only have an 8inch fan. The positive I find with it, is that it doubles as a card cooler and really helps my geforce ddr stay cool.

You might want to make some case mods and buy some fans for proper airflow and minimal sound.
I find without the sides on, my case temp rockets, as the airflow through the case gets interrupted. Tried exaclty the same on my system with a 8" fan. Did nothing for my PC stabilty, gave me cool legs

It's had its sides off for most of November/half of December, whilst in the process of having the upgrades done to it. No ill-effects. As long as you don't spill anything, get the cat climb into it (happened to a mate) or get dogs hairs all over the place (one problem with Pets), you'll be fine.
heh i had the side off my case it was 5 degrees C cooler and now i mad a new side panle with a 80 mm fan blowing air in off a duct thats connected to a window i have yet o exceed 20*c and right now hovers around 10 and lower
If you are gonna replace the chrome orb, definetly go with the FOP38, it's a sweet fan (but loud as hell)
Fop32 is a nice setup also, I had a chrome orb on my 900@1050 tb and the temps were 62 at times. Put a case fan in the side panel blowing air onto the mb another case fan in the top of the case exhausting hot air and went with a fop32 (would have gone fop38 but I need to hear myself think) my temp now is 41-42 at idle which seems good enough for me...
Why don't you try building a 'tunnel' that will drop the hot air from your cpu heatsink out of the case , i made such 'tunnel' from some sidepanels of a old case i had. I made the tunnel in a pyramid form so i can still slide on my sidepanels. at the end of the tunnel where it is soldered to the sidepanel i have a 80 mm fan to help the blowing heatsink fan. My case temps dropped down to almost room temperature and the core is 25 idle and 34 full load. you have to get enough air going in the case of course. My specs are : PIII800EB@1002 fsb 165 PC133 cas222 5/7 ram Geforce 256 ddr SBlive! .