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is this too hot? if so, plz tell me how to fix it

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Jan 15, 2001
Hong Kong
i have a pen III 800 eb processor with no overtlocking
using a asus p3v4x board, 30gb quantum hd, 32 mb geforce 256, cd rom drive, hp cd writer
i m running at 55 C while using all original equipment
now i have a dual fan + heatsink on my processor and it runs at 52 C
i just applied some thermal grease but it only made the cpu go to 50 C

is this hot, and if so, how can i fix the problem?
That seems a little on the hot side. What kind of Heatsink+fan are you using?
I currently have a P3600@800 at 1.70v and under full load I never go more then 42c.
Get case fans. Check the temp of your case. If it's hot, like above 75F, then you need to draw some of that heat out of there. You can have all the heatsinks in the world, but if the heat sink is always in a hot atmosphere, then it can't do its job.

Make sure that for every fan you have blowing in, you also have one blowing out. There are enough holes in your case that a difference of one or two fans isn't going to mess up your air flow. It is generally best to have air coming in from the bottom of the case and leaving from the top, because heat rises.

If this fails to lower your temps, then you may have to run with your cover off and have a room-fan blowing at it all the time.