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is this true about amd and pelts?

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Mar 19, 2001
unless you have one big *** water cooling system and a 175 watt peltier then dont put a peltier on a AMD chip they cant take the heat off fast enough

i been thinking of building a big water cooling system and useing 2 175 watt peltiers on mine but peltiers scare me !!!!!!

ok....so unless i go to the dangerden maze 2-2 there is no reason to go to the new mase 2-1. i have an extra 78watt pelt laying around and thought i'd use it...guess not. what about the maze1 vs the maze2? i like the mounting of the maze 2 better but is there any real reason to upgrade?

what kind of p/s is need with a 175watt pelt? is this even worth it?
I’m not sure what you mean by Maze 1. The original Amazing block works fine. The Maze2 has a better mounting system and dumps water directly on the CPU die. The Maze 2.1 integrates a bolt on cold plate with the Maze2. The Maze 2.2 allows the use of two 40mm pelts but requires the mounting springs and nuts to be placed on the backside of the motherboard.

You will need 24 volts and 11 amps for one 172 watt pelt. New PSUs sell for between $140 and $190. On the cheap it's possible to combine the 12 volt lines of two computer PSUs to get 24 volts.
yea i meant the original maze == maze1. sounds like i wont being going pelt anytime soon. 24v is insane. so even a larger psu wont cut it ...since std psu's put out 12 volts? i'm ee retarded...sorry.