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is this voltage reading good?

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Oct 13, 2001
QUOTE]Now I have my 1.4 @ 10x149MHz at 1.75v [/QUOTE]

this voltage readign core 0 or 1 on mbm 5?

core 0 reading 1.81v core 1 reading 1.55v

settign as of right now when reading. 10.5 @150mhz = 1575 actually reads 1577 dont know why tho :)

with those voltage reading is that good?
That's the core 0 reading. You may feel smug, knowing that you have a higher Vcore than the person you quoted. That's a fine voltage reading, as long as you've done some stability testing to make sure that your computer won't crash/freeze/BSOD/randomly reset under stress.
About the variance in your CPU speed, don't worry. When you're running at 1.5 gHz, a 2mHz is nothing.
i run sandra, and seti for stability. one quick question. when peeps take screenshots of sandra they have up to date benchmarks to vary from. ie a benchmark using 1.4 amd
and a xp1.6 u know. but mine are old. i have the sandra pro version . how do i update these?

also in memory benchmark, it says array memory used=256 but i have 512 what gives. windows reads my 512 also.
unconfirmed answer regarding Sisoft sandra:

I believe sandra only uses an array of 256 for the test. If you check out your Mobo info within Sandra, you should see your sticks represented properly.