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Is TridentZ worth its premium over RipJaws?

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You won't believe, guys. Poland, Germany, France, Italy, nobody has any form of 3200/14 from G.Skill in stock right now. This is so hard to believe. Did the shops each have like 1–2 sets in stock? Or were people buying those out? I can't believe they were, because a lot of people would go for 3400 and 3600 instead.

For the record, Amazon's 'soon available' has been around for like 2 weeks.

Looks like I'll need to give up on 3200/14 and look for 3200/15 before the price grows for those (in some places it already has). For 3000/14, which is my second choice (theoretically better CL to frequency ratio but frequency itself makes more difference than 4.67 vs 4.69 ns) the prices are already above 3200/15 and almost to the point of 3200/14, with stocks probably drying soon.

Hmmm… Woomack, are you perhaps aware of any 3400 or 3600/16-16-16-36 sticks from G.Skill that are SS under the heatsink?
When I got 3000 CL14 kit for review then it was still not available for next 2 months in Europe.
2x8GB 3600 15-15-15/16-16-16 = only single sided Samsung afaik
Older 3400 kits were double sided, new can be single sided but I had no chance to test them and I haven't seen anything 3400 at tighter timings in stores.
As I said 3200 14-14-14 and 15-15-15 are on the same IC. CL14 are not available and price is much higher anyway so CL15 seems like the best option.

I would sell my 3200 C15 kit but I doubt I will get anything better in similar price and I'm not expecting any better review samples soon.
3000 C14 and 3600 C16 are in my brother's PC and for some reason he doesn't like when I touch his PC :p

I just got http://gskill.com/en/product/f4-3200c15d-32gtzsk I will test it soon and will probably stay in my daily rig.

G.Skill is the only brand which is selling memory at tight timings so you clearly know what you can expect under the heatsinks ( at least in Trident Z ). At the same time is not raising price without reason. I wish to see kits from other brands at similar settings as now you can find nice IC in Patriot/Corsair/Geil kits @3200-3400 CL16-18-18 while these timings were also used in older kits so you simply don't know what you buy. For example why should I pay premium for Corsair Dominator 3200 16-18-18 when G.Skill is selling 3200 15-15-15 kits 20% cheaper. Corsair memory has generally timings like 15-17-17 or 16-18-18 so can be on any possible IC and when you buy it online then you can't check anything, even revision.

Btw. there are new Kingston 3200/3333 and Crucial 3000/3200 kits. I don't expect them to overclock better than Samsungs but it clearly means that some brands will back to Hynix and Micron IC in 3200+ kits. For some time only Samsungs were good enough for mass sales of 3200+ kits ( especially in 8GB modules ).
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Thanks. I ended up basically having to buy 3000/14 because of time constraints. I decided I just had to wrap up it and put the PC together already. Other shops wouldn't even pick up the phone, so I decided I wasn't going to take my chances counting on them dispatching a delivery promptly. Morele.net still has 3200/15 but with a long lead time, like 8 or 9 days. So I'm just going to hope the 3000/14 (black Ripjaws) is a single-side.

If not, I'll just simply have to replace it sooner than later — if at all, as replacing the GPU and/or swapping in the locked 6600 for a better CPU are probably both going to be much more urgent.

Pity I couldn't get myself to just freaking order them when 3200/14 were available and 3200/15 had better delivery times and prices. I'm obviously not gonna be happy if they pop up all over the place next week, but that's probably not going to happen.
Guess what happened one freaking day letter.

Yes, TridentZ 3200/14 back at the same freaking price, next-day delivery or almost as quick. :(

On the other hand, if you pardon my French, I can't be arsed any more. Depending on the condition of my wallet I might simply be tempted to upgrade to 2x16 instead of adding another 2 of the same sticks when the time comes eventually.

My mobo can't do exactly 3000 on this procesor without OC'ing, so I've got 2933/14 right now.

I had a lot of problems getting the RAM to work in Dual Channel probably because of bent pins in the CPU socket. Apparently, this is a more common issue with Asrock mobos and Skylakes.
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You have bent pins that you saw, or are you guessing? If the CPU is working, they aren't that bad, so why not straighten them?
You have bent pins that you saw, or are you guessing? If the CPU is working, they aren't that bad, so why not straighten them?

Yup (to both). Survived >3 hours in Prime 95's Blend/Marsenne before I interrupted it to keep installing stuff, so they probably connect, but it's not a straight angle. AFAIK there is supposed to be a little angle, but also AFAIK this is the first time I can see the angle so clearly (previously while looking at a CPU socket I'd have assumed the angle to be exact 90 degrees, now it looks more like 75, unless I'm seeing hings from tiredness and bad light).
Never had an issue with Asrock MoBo, and I had a quite a few...

I had issues with most my ASRock boards and in most cases it was DOA or packaging issue ( damaged components, bent pins etc ) and two times boards died the first day after couple of stability tests ( not even at high OC ). Most my ASRock boards were from OC Formula series. Last one was DOA and I had to wait 4 weeks for replacement.
In X99 boards with OC socket ASRock was ( maybe still is ) using wrong cap to cover socket. While removing it you could easily bend pins. I had it in X99M Killer 3.1. The same issues were reporting other users.

I still think they make one of the best boards on the market and if it's not DOA/mechanically damaged then will work without issues for a long time.