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Is windows 10 really amazing? Do I need drivers even?

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May 7, 2002
So... quick break down

-I took my SSD to a new computer, reformatted it using Win 7

-Plugged that bad ***** in and installed Win 10 off a USB that I created with media whatever thingy

-skipped activation and logged in with my prior Win 10 login info (it did some interweb stuff)

-I'm now on my PC again with the SAME desktop background that I had on the machine before I reformatted ( kinda scary )

-even better my USB 3.0 ports worked (prob firmware on the mobo would be my guess, first install (win 7) they didn't work)

Question: I see my GFX card in device manager. Should I bother with the whole, DL driver, install, reboot process?

Additional Question: Is it possible that Win 10 saved all my driver info (which was up to date before I reformatted) and brought all that back into the system once I reinstalled? ( If so that would be freaken awesome and I might actually want to kiss someone at Microsoft instead of punch them like I have since I got started in PC shananigans.)

Input appreciated.

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Windows update will keep updating your video card driver and there is no choice there, you will always have the latest drivers whenever you check for Windows updates, they will start downloading if you just try to check for Windows updates, all your drivers will be replaced with latest version drivers so as far as drivers go, you are good to go.

Yes, information is stored in the cloud and permanently associated with your machine.
If you do a fresh install of windows 10 I have fund it does not install the newest drivers for Nvidia.
That's a good point, I wonder how many days it takes Windows Update to offer the same latest version after it it available on manufacturer's site?
I personally would manually install all hardware drivers too by the way,before even connecting Windows 10 to the internet and from there on, there is no choice if they get updated by Windows update...
Windows update installs old drivers for Nvidia they have not updated yet, I just did a reinstall last week. You can turn of the Driver updates, select Advanced System Settings then select Hardware.