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Isoproly Alcohol

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I need a Duron

Feb 4, 2001
Why wouldn't it work as a water in a water block? It wouldn't require much cooling because it stays cool in hot weather...
Elecrical components + 70% alcohol = extremely scary

One small electrical charge to that stuff and your PC would go boom.
Sorry to say this but , YOUR WRONG , I tried to set it on fire , I'm talking about rubbing alcohol. It stays cool... wouldnt it help cooling any?
Not to mention physics have proven Water is the best compound for heat removal. True you can add stuff like waterwetter or purple ice but it sill takes mostly water. Now if you really want cooling stick in a fridge or build a Freon based system.
water is cool to the touch when its at room temp too...thats cuz its less then body temp...alcohol too plus it also evaporates A LOT faster which makes it cooler to the touch....

If you want to mess around with it then do so...but take our word for it it won't get you what you want
The reason isopropyl alcohol stays cool is that is takes heat to evaporate, thus heat is whisked away when the isopropyl alcohol moleclues break free of the confineing, liquid state into the free gaseous state.... be free!!!!

Seriously, it is just another form of evaporative cooling, just like sweating. Unfortunatly, in an enviornment such as what we use to cool computers, the heat capacity of the i-Pr is poor and you would have a significant evaporation problem, which would necessitate a closed and pressurized system (think car radiator). i-Pr is not worth the trouble - just stick to good old H2O, some waterwetter and a little anitfreeze.