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Issues with monitors ghosting...

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Jan 6, 2008
Greenfield, WI
I bought two monitors recently, and both of them have a terrible problem with trailing/ghosting/bleeding when something. It's obnoxiously noticeable in games, as it looks like the point of view is always that of a super drunk person.

Here's the first monitor I bought, which I took back because I could not circumvent the feature in any way. Instead, I got this monitor, which I'm using now. I actually really like the monitor I have now. The hz is smooth, the colors are alright, and I love how it's curved as it's the first time I got a curved monitor. I really do like it, but it also has issues with ghosting/motion blur.

However, I was somewhat able to negate the effects by messing with the "shadow control" option on the monitor, then adjusting the brightness/contrast to try and cancel out the brightness. Turning off Overdrive also helped a pinch. There is a "motion blur reduction" option on the monitor, but it does nothing. Messing with AMD FreeSync also didn't change much. I'm never able to rid the effect completely.

The thing is, some games look alright, but others look terrible. Games such as Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead 2, etc. look fairly okay. But playing GoldSrc games, The Stanley Parable, Call of Jaurez: Gunslinger, the aftereffect motion blur is extremely noticeable. I don't know why some games have it worse than others. I've been getting by on non-gaming monitors for years with no issues, so I'm not too up-to-date on the gaming ones. How do I rid this problem? I want ALL games to have no ghosting.

Edit: Yes, I have checked with that UFO image panning site that helps check ghosting.
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Well, what are you seeing, exactly? I ask to see it because you mention ghosting images and then motion blur. They are two different things. Motion blur is typically something you can disable/adjust with in-game settings, whereas ghosting is a product of the monitor/refresh rate. Some games have more motion blur than others.

Are you sure you're running the monitor at 165Hz?
I'm seeing both types of motion blur, and yes, it's at 165Hz.

The ghosting/trailing thing is something I only see with darker pixels. But if I up the contrast or gamma or something, I can sort of "get around" it. It depends on the screen or game I'm looking at. Some games have an aftereffects thing going on, while some don't, and I think that happens when more "old school" lower res textures are on-screen. I think.
I honestly have no idea. That's a cheap monitor for 165Hz, so.............. maybe there's something in the panel type and its response time (look deeper than the 1ms value...it's probably GTG).
Here's a GIF of what I'm talking about:

Then I go to play Portal, and it's buttery smooth. It looks nothing like the gif does. It's like the monitor hates some games. ddddddddddd.gif
Alright, come to find out, the game was forcing my monitor's settings to snap down to 59.9Hz. Still, what am I looking for in a monitor to not have dark pixels trail around? Also, when you said "that's a cheap monitor for 168Hz"... that's because it was on sale.
So, that's a VA panel, I believe. VA panels are more prone to what you're seeing by nature. From BB website...

  • Good for casual gaming, videos, and content creation
  • Wider color reproduction
  • High refresh rates
  • Slower response times
  • Can be more susceptible to motion blurring for gaming

I like IPS panels and run a 27" Acer Predator (2560x1440 165hz).
Is an IPS monitor the best for my situation? No dark pixel blurring and no issues with older/lower refresh rate games? I really thought technology would work out that annoying kink. I'd also love to stick with 1080p, so my GPU doesn't have to work as hard at max resolution.
Maybe check if the game supports it? I've never seen a monitor do that because of a panel type, perhaps that's a game thing.

Why don't you want your GPU to... do its job (at any resolution)?
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The higher the resolution, the more the GPU has to work. The more the GPU has to work, the less framerate I get. Also, sticking with a lower resolution ups my chance at getting a monitor at a fair price - at least I assume it partially works that way. I just don't want to buy like 5 monitors one after the other and have all of them do that ghosting crap.
Yeah, higher res and high Hz = pay to play. You're on the cusp with a 6800XT.

...I'll never go back to 1080p from 2560x1440/165Hz. Pixel density FTW. :)
I have no issues in games, or at least nothing even close to what is on the attached gif, and I'm using:
- older AOC 32" 1440p 60hz VA (it has 7 years or something close)
- MSI 32" 1440p 165hz VA (last year model, was on sale, nothing really expensive)
- LG 32" 1440p 144hz VA (the cheapest 32" 144hz that I found in local stores)

I'm not sure if it's only a problem with monitor. It looks like something has delays. Maybe drivers or some kind of throttling (GPU, CPU, SSD?).