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It goes up it goes down.

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Jan 3, 2001
I have a 118watt peltier on my duron750@900. When I leave it at idle it drops down to 5celcius. When I am playing game it goes up to 35-37. This temp is from my hardware monitor on my IWILL KK266. Does this sound right? I thought my comp would be gettting alot cooler than that with a water cooled 118watt peltier system. ?, comments drop me a note thanks.
Sounds normal to me.

On the peltier side of things, sounds like you need to tweak the voltage a bit to optimize efficency.
A pelt cooled system climbing 30 degrees? Are you sure your pelt is not being overwhelmed by the heat?
most likely your not using the recommended voltage to power it ,,if its a 17v peltier and your running it off your 12v PSU ,,its really working more like a 72w then a 117w ,,even a 15w running at 12 loses alot of its punch
i had very similar results, xerka. running the pelt off a 12v supply really kills it.. and it struggles to deal with a high-end amds heat. i'm back to plain watercooling, and am going to use the 118w pelt as a chiller when i get the energy and time.