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it is good overclocker?

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Oct 16, 2002
Madison Heights, MI
my 1600+ is:
AGOIA Y 0209

Yesterday i was at microcenter and I looked at the back of a retail 2000+ and guess what ... same code as mine :)

Mine can hit around 1.85 ghz after that it doest post...if I went water I could prbably squeeze a few more mhz out of it...but thats a later upgrade as my sk-7 and super loud case cools good enuff for me.


Oct 10, 2002
Highland Park, NJ
I have a several 1600+(all locked)

AGOIA 0212 Y does 176FSB
AGOIA 0213 Y does 185FSB
AGOIA 0204 K not sure what it does never installed it
and my new one AGOIA 0226 Z, just put her in have it at 166FSB, would be pushing her today but a BIOS flash went bad, so I am waiting for a new motherboard...

The one thing I am sure about with most of AGOIA 1600+ is that they will do 166FSB right out of the box(or OEM package), and that's not so bad an extra 350MHz just for plugging it in...


May 7, 2002
Mine tops at 1950 @ 1,9 VCore. I haven't pushed it this far for a while, so I guess it will do better now, since I burned it in for a while. Perhaps 2GHz..? :)

(Edit), btw, this is an AGOIA "Y"... Dunno the week though...