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It's amazing how much a dif one fan makes...

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Feb 22, 2002
Theresa, Wisconsin
I just added a 120mm blowhole on the side of my case centered over the top pci slot, agp slot, the north bridge and some what close to the cpu, and my temps dropped ~4ºc case temp and 5ºc cpu temp (from average use to under the load of Toasting) but around 10ºc while under average load. Can't wait till I get my new PSU so I can add my other blowhole on the top, cuz I fear I'll lack in power if I add the other 120mm fan now. I kinda have a vaccum going right now, 1 120mm and an 80mm intake, 3 80mm outtakes (including PSU, which doesn't blow like anything out :( ) I unplugged my 92mm intake so it wouldn't be worse. And I think the noise level even went down, those Sunons are fairly quiet :D But dang, these Antec cases are made like tanks, it took forever to nip it away. I better make sure to find a hole saw for the top one. The only bad thing, put 3 scratches in the side of my case :( So I'll have to find some black-grayish touch up paint. I'd post pics, but my dig. camera sucks.


im running a 120mm agp/pci fan that blows air everywhere its very nice, i went to a computer show today and picked up six 80mm fans for a buck a piece! so im gonna add 3 of those to cool the cpu ram and all that good stuff and the other 3 as exhust vents, should be quite nice :)

post some pics of your rig i'de love to see it :D