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Its the FAN stupid!

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New Member
May 8, 2001
I was blown away by this. I used to have a fop38 with delta 60 mm 36 cfm fan and my 1.2 266 ghz athlon avia ran at 39c with seti. I bought the swiftech 462 sink but changed fan for a sunon 43cfm 80mm and low and behold the temp rose to 46c with seti. Im using artic silver throughout. I cant stand the delta fans anymore but if anyone is thinking of spending a huge amount of money on hs dont bother unless you can stand the noise of a very good fan like the deltas. And even then you dont need the sinks!

Of course at this point Ive learned a hard lesson. Ill avoid pricey hs from now on and make sure the fan is good (though not too noisy) . Also tried the delta fan on a dirt cheap cidicom 10$ sink. Almost SAME temp as with fop 38 sink with 40c... Isnt it odd that the sunon 80mm 5000 rpm 43 cfm fan has less impact than the 60mm 7000 rpm delta 36 cfm? Im pretty sure this can be accounted for by the shear convection power per cubic inch of the delta. I might buy a 80mm delta for the 462 to do more comparisons but at this point I think this deserves a more in depth article.
I think an article/review has already been done on [H]ardOCP. I think it said something about how 80mm or 92mm fans did little to no performance increase for your money's worth
Done exactly the same thing with my FOP-38, hated the fan it screams its guts out,
So tried a 80mm fan same cfm, but alas not the same results, so what i have done now is mount a 90mm fan pushing 50cfm on the heat sink. I used the fan grill and the springs i had already from the other fan.
Ok results but still not that good, so this weekend i am going to get myself a ThermEngine HS+Fan give that a try. At least it wont be as noisy