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it's too hot

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Feb 9, 2001
I've got a thunderbird 800mHz with a coolermaster DP5 something with some generic thermal paste on an Asus A7V. I have one of those cases alienware uses most of the time (although the computer is not from alienware) with a fan in the front for intake and a smaller one in the back for exaust and a bigger one on the side in front of the cpu. Even with my case opened a bit for more airflow the best temperatures I can get idle is around 45-46 degrees C. I don't know what else to do, the cabling is as clean as I can make it and doesn't seem to restrict any airflow. Any help is apriciated.
I just checked 5 different reviews of the DP5 and all gave it so-so reviews. Okay for Intel, Okay for k6-2/3,
Mediocre with 700 Duron.
You should consider getting a better HSF. With the proper investment, a good HSF will satisfy your current needs as well as the next two CPUs you buy. In the same price range ~$40.00, the following are good investments:

Millenium Glaciator (a cut above the rest)
ThermalRight SK-6 w/38cfm Delta fan
GlobalWin CAK-38 w/38cfm Delta fan
Taisol CGK760092 w/38cfm Delta fan
ThermoEngine w/38cfm Delta fan

watch out for the Asus temp probes they read hot! I just went threw a week of changing things around then I put a temp probe against the core and it was 10*cooler than the board probe reads
I was wondering about that Asus temp probe. Does anyone know where on the board the probe reads the MB temp on the A7V? Also does arctic silver thermal paste make a big difference? thanks for all your help.
Depending upon the quality of the fininsh on your HSF baseplate, where it contacts the core, AS may improve your temps 1-3C. My experience has been the better the finish (IE lapped), the less the improvement.

The motherboard temps are read from the chip labelled Asus on the board which is located on the bottom right hand side.
bear in mind that ASUS probe...reads about 10 degrees celcius..more, so subtract 10, Mobo monitor % seems to be pretty accurate
but even with those bad temp reporting, from hoot said and from what I know about coolermaster hsf, he could be doing much much better. Besides, any of those heatsinks will last more than one cpu.