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I've been in a cave for last 2 years,...

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Nov 13, 2002
not here anymore thats for sure
As that was the last time I upgraded my computer :D And haven't been particularly following what new stuff was coming out since, and now I tried to put together a new system and WOW, almost everything changed. New memory types, new CPU sockets, etc...

I've been on OC on and off for 6 years or so, what would you guys recommend as a good read to catch up relativly quick and so the text isn't geared toward an 'AOL' user. I'd like it not to dwelve too much on basics and go rather indepth.

(I've always been an Intel fan, CPUs, chipsets, etc... so this is the correct forum I hope :beer: )
ABIT BE7 Intel 845PE Based - $108.00
Intel Pentium4 1.8A GHz 512K - $147.00
CORSAIR MEMORY 512MB PC-3200 - $213.00
- $468.00
Price off of Newegg.com
With its setup you can try to overclock the 1.8A Ghz(18X100) to 2.4Ghz(18X133) or if your luckly 2.7 (18X150)
Thats what i would do if i had to buy a system right now

But i would wait a month or two and get one of new Granite Bay(dual DRR mobo) and a new 1.8A Ghz chip with a C1 stepping and try to overclock to 3.0Ghz :)
For good reading just check out some of the stickies on these forums, or go to the www.overclockers.com home page and read up there. For building a new system, it depends totally on how much you want to spend as for how fast of a system that you will get.
both of my 2 sticks of 512MB cas 2.5 Corsair PC3200 can do 220MHZ x 2 at 2-5-3-3. So it equals cas 2.

one i got before summer for $178 something like that. Another one got last month for $198 (the price off DDR400 has gone up)
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