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I've taken the plundge !

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Aug 7, 2002
Well i finally did it, starting watercooling, not 100% there yet but there's so much to do and learn about.

Here's what i've bought and where i'm at so far.

Gear :
Eheim 1048 pump
Chevette Heatercore
Home made res. (sealed electrical box)
Sunon 108 cfm 120 mm fan
DD Maze3 (Ordered waiting anxiously for delivery)

Here's the interesting part, i've built a Ghetto EXOS external watercooling box, it looks mighty fine, but commercially not viable, too expensive to build.

It's made of sheet metal, it's dimensions are 24" x 8" x 8" tall and has a removable cover (velcro attached), on the cover there's a hole for the 120 mm fan, a pump on led, and a rheostat for the 120 mm fan.

I also built a closed 12 volt relay box, so when i start the pc it starts the Ghetto EXOS hehehe....

Inside, the pump,res and relay box are all velcroed in ideal position inside, i painted it black semi-gloss, looks real cool.

The top corners and edges are covered with car door edge molding, and so is the 120 mm fan hole.

I am testing the pump heatercore and res as we speak for leaks, which i had alot of... i'm such a newb...
1st off, the pump didn't have an o-ring... duh !
Second of all everything has been siliconed for good measure, so far 3 hours in no leaks, can't wait to get my block :))))

This is definitly be a how to roll your own External wc when i'm done.


Aug 7, 2002
As soon as i get the block and it's ready to roll i'll send some pics, unfortunatly i dont have a digicam :(