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iwill fsb problem!!!

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Apr 26, 2001
specs iwill kk266
1.2 tbird
geforce2 gts
256 pc 133
250 watt ps

now my prob is i cant get any higher than 118 fsb without windows giving me registry errors at startup.i got the newest drivers for every thing my chi isnt locked so what gives.im running it stable right now at 11x118=1418.
anyhigher fsb and it fuks up in windows?the temps are unreal low ,idle about 23 under stress about 35,and thats with just heatsink and fanz,about 9 fans to be exact and i got a mini radiator airconditioner blowin in:)so heats not a prob.my voltage is at default which is 1.85 which is th highest my bios lets me go.so why cant i get any higher fsb?is it my ram cause they are both cheap ram?is it my power supply cause its only 250 watts?anyways i wanna be able to do like 140x10 or somethin like that so any help apprecited.
ram is 2 128 sticks of cas3 pc133.um maybe its either that or my psu cause ity only 250 watts.hsf is super orb my max temp ive seen after playin tribes for about 2 hours is about 37c,so thats not the prob.
will it work at 10x133??? just wondering because then all your cards will be running at spec and the memory scores will be better than 118? even try 9x133 see if it will work.
nope crashes any higher will boot to windows though but then errors occur.and da whip i dont think i need diff hsf seeing as my temps are about 7c lower than yours.
It might be your RAM did you buy it "discount" or is it crucial.

did you use the jumper? maybe lower the multiplier to 7x133 it has to work! my duron can handle that.