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iwill ka266

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Dec 31, 2000
hey guys, anyone try this board yet?? It is ddr ram and supposedly has no probs with a 1.2 at 266 bus speed- I am thinking about getting this board and pc2100 ram- does anyone outthere have that setup? What kind of overclock have you been able to get?

Would I be better off going with a abit kt7a and the 1.2 266 thunderbird?? I will be using water cooling, I'd rather go for the 1.4-1.5 cpu range than have the faster memory and be stuck at 1.2-1.3 range

Look at sig. As far as performance, come ask me Saturday night, that's when it will be set up. :)
My 2 cents worth would be the Iwill KK266 (raid if you want that) and Crucial pc133 cas2. It will run cas2 at 150 mhz most times, and at least cas3 at 150 mhz. The new DDR ram is for the future systems...unless you are damn good at trouble shooting systems.
Even running at CAS 2.5 - DDR still ghetto stomps SDR all over the place...if set up properly. Future systems....whaaaa... 3 months from now...? I feel sorry for all those people that spent all this money on SDR systems, when the Palamino comes out, even if the board can handle it, its performance is going to shrivel up and die compared to the same cpu running on a DDR capable board....watch and see. Think about when programs (very very soon) will start to utilize DDR...if your still running SDR...your up a sh*t creek with a turd for a paddle no matter what cpu you are running. That's why I absolutly would NOT buy SDR, I don't care how cheap it is. :) Now you watch, just because I bough all this mess, 1 week from now or something, they are going to come up with some new stuff like XBJOIHLKNMO*IYD 6854968496 super megafatkickyoass ODR optical ram pucks or something, and there i'll be......

Assed out. ;D

Really though, all of this is just IMHO, I don't claim to be an expert or anyting, its just the way things are looking right now.
#1) I said my 2 cents worth

#2) thats the fun of it...upgrading when the new stuff comes out...if, you have the guts and moola. Not every body is having big-time success with the new DDR ram mobos...so, if you ain't got the bucks to spend on maybe two or three mobos, RMA a few cuz they don't work..then, stick to the SDR mobos till they mature a little bit more..

My 3 cents worth (and, if this goes on any longer, somebody is gonna be in my pocketbook) :D
mY NICKLE WORTH,Stay SDRAM untill at least fall or winter 2001.By then amd and the ddr ram will be sporting around bug free !!!