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Iwill KK-266 problem

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=Iwill user=

Feb 21, 2001
Hey guys, I have 3 problems relating to Iwill KK-266 :

1. Overclocking
My KK-266 can't oc my duron750 to 1.0 ghz. I could achieve 8.5*106 = 901 mhz or even 6.5 *140=910 mhz. But no matter how I tried later, I just could not advance to any higher. I am using Taisol 1.3ghz hsf, 38'c idle, 50'c with programs running ( I dun know when is the full load). Is heat the main factor for me ? I only adjusted my vcore maximum to 1.80v before, never tried 1.85v as I am damn scared to fry my duron.

I am using the 4.16 BIOS version, somebody said this is not as good as 3.07, is that one of the reason also. I also find that if the system is running at >133FSB, it is harder to get the system to boot up in “cold boot”. Hot boot is okay. Is this relating to the AGP problem in question 2 ?

2. Reading
When I oc the duron > 133 fsb, the AGP divider should be ½ of system FSB but strangely Sisoft Sandra 2001 reported as 88mhz , why? It seems that the system read the AGP bus speed as 66mhz * 133% (or FSB x 2/3)!! I read something on www.fullon3d.com that only when I set the vcore to 1.85v then the system will read the correct AGP bus speed, is that right ? Or I need to upgrade the Sisoft to 2001se version?

3. DMA setting
Once I enabled the box in system properties (Win Me), the HDD was like always running something (in the system) and very slow in responding my instruction to run certain programs. But Sisoft reported faster HDD speed than with the DMA function enabled (>13,000 as against 8000+ score). I have tried either to have the via 4.29 drivers installed or using the default Windows DMA function, same problem occurred. Is that relating to BIOS version as well ?

Hope to get you guys' advise soonest possible. As I find that this combination (IWIll KK-266 + Duron 750) is not as good as my old system (Epox 6VBA + P3-700oc). What a strange thing. Iwill KK-266 is supposed to be the best mobo for AMD ???!!!!!

1. Contrary to all the hype, most Durons only go to 950 MHz max. Of course some will not make it to the average, so 910 MHz isn't really that bad. Check the database. And even that's full of exaggerated reports so you really have to chop a few MHz off those averages for stable operation.

2. SiSoft Sandra still doesn't know what to do with the KT133A chipset. Your mobo has it set right, it's just SiSoft misreporting the AGP. It usually screws up the PCI clock also.

3. Dunno. If you've got a 686B (ATA100 South Bridge) it could be related to the "686B bug". Gotta love those VIA chipsets.

Regarding your comparison to your old Intel system. A PIII 700 O/C'ed to 900 MHz or so IS faster than a Duron at 900 MHz. If you wanted a faster AMD, you needed to get at least a 1 GHz T-Bird and O/C it a bit.
=Iwill user=
you won't fry the duron at 1.85v because you have a good heatsink that can keep the temp down. I notice some crashes with 0416 bios and memory bandwidth has decreased. The new 0426 bios has very high idle temp and now I'm back to 0307 bios. I don't think the procedure to boot at 133MHz fsb with a 200MHz processor is consider a cold boot problem.

Once you use the WebUpdate Wizard in Sandra, the agp and pci divider will be corrected.
Hi, thanks for your advise man, it really give me a great relief. Can sleep better at night now...........

In fact my old P3-700 was only oc to 805mhz but I feel that it is great chip and the mobo was/is great too. Might be I could have bought an Epox 8KTA3 rather than KK-266.........
Thank you DaveB for answering a couple of questions I had too about Sandra. I think you are wrong my chip had no problems getting to 966 and it is at 30C idle and 39C after an hour of UT. running it at 7.5x133 it would not post but it is rock stable at 7x138 and I haven't even tried anything higher. P3 gives equal performance to a duron if talking clock for clock. the P3 will win out because it has more L2. But synthetic and gaming results show they are very close! Maybe iwill lover should try lowering the mutl and using good ram push up the fsb. you can DO IT!
Oh, I am quite envy......

I tried and tried diff settings to get more from my duron 750, it POST at both 9*100 and 6.5*140 but not any higher. 7*133 just dun boot. Dun think so this is relating to the SDRAM as I have not even tried to push it more than 140 FSB.

Is that due to heat ? My temp reading show 52'C at max, might be because I come from a country near equator, damn hot!!!!