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Mar 21, 2001
I just got done running extensive tests on both the IWILL KK266 and the ABIT KT7-A. The results were no suprise to me but they sure were to alot of people!!
IWILL beat ABIT in almost every bench test, The one where the IWILL shined the most was in the drive bench tests, it did score a little lower in the 3D area but this was at optimal (default ) settings.
By the way if you ever go asking the IWILL tech support for any info on the new BIOS and the optimal settings THEY DONT HAVE A CLUE!!!
And I did finally get them to admit that a "number of boards left taiwan with the wrong chip on the board. (tech support did not even know this was an issue (or so I was told),'yea... SURE!!!
Anyway, the IWILL despite the people who have not been properly drug tested before putting these boards together ,the ones that got good boards
have THE FASTEST PC 133 motherboard on the planet.
Nice personal OPINION lol.

I guess all the IWILL defects make them shine as well !!!

I am sure that if you get a board properly assembled from there factory it is a nice board.But I returned mine for the Abit KT7A.

Abit KT7A
1.2 at 1.43
512 megs 6ns Tiny Ram
Stable Stable Stable no RMA on this board LOL
I don't know anything about the Iwill boards; but the Abit KT7 & KT7A Raid boards are great in my opion. I own 2 of them. But as they say each to his own.
The IWILL WAS set up to default specs," MR.lol !" What ever the hell that means. I am not partal to one board or the other. I am trying to find the best hardware for my shop. IWILL has had alot of screw up mistakes that could have been prevented if someone was watching what the hell they were doing. On the other hand good 'lol " Abit Havent they had there share of problems in the past?? I was using a AMD 1.33 cpu w/ 256 pc 133 mushkin mem. 64 meg herclues ultra video. IBM ATA 100 30 gig. h.d.
running at 133 .
Just ABIT of info, a pal asked me to download a FAQ for the ABIT KT7-A
(Paul's KT7 FAQ site) I said, no problemo amigo. To my shock this FAQ had over 90 pages of problem solving and fixes for the touted ABIT. It about ran me out of ink.
If all that Iwill did was let a few boards out w/ wrong southbridge chips, its better than Ford/Firestone. No one has been killed by a bad chip. (wounded maybe)
Wasn't there a RMA problem with the KK266 a while back? I thought it was something with some missing/incorrectly soldered resistors. Correct me if I'm wrong.

IWILL has had a massive RMA program,I am not saying thay are junk,I am saying that ABIT HAS HAD NO RMA.

Read this sites posts the IWILL is in here for serious problems,VERY FEW SERIOUS PROBLEMS POSTED HERE ON THE ABIT KT7A.

So as I said the Iwill may be a good board,But if what others post here means anything to ya be carefull.What you are posting about performance is also contrary to what most sites reviews say about the 2 boards,It has been said over and over again ABIT will O/C higher but that the IWILL AND MSI seem more stable.

After these reviews many people bought MSI AND IWILL,and then the troubles started to get reported,then IWILL announces the RMA.Also talk to there techs and talk to the ABIT techs,ABIT techs had more talent in my opinion when asked for answers,That faq sheet is proof,if thay find an issue thay will post solutions.

Almost all ABIT problems are solved at home with there advice,IWILL needed to replace the entire product,This should mean something to an avid overclocker,who like me is addicted to his computer and aint ready to take it apart to wait on a new MOTHER BOARD. LOL means laugh out loud.

And as far as your test scores thay mean NOTHING,for all we know the settings may not have been exactly the same,and to look at them I see THE ABIT killing the IWILL in video and in the processor area thay are about even only in disk tests are thay different and here I wonder if you had the Abit set to dma 100.

ALSO why does the loser score a total of 272,the winner score 259 LMAO =laugh my *** off !!!Are you sure you understand the test results LOL.

I enjoyed your results but as for disk bench mark tests in disk,I have seen these raid boards slam some impressive test scores.
All i have to say is I have no problems with my iwill. Boy sure is nice to run fbs at 158!
I have been calling IWILL on a daily basis to jump on them and to find out why we seem to know more about this board than they do, but as far as ABIT not having any problems you better go read thier faq section. This is ABITS attempt at a reliable board and it failed.
Any product is going to have some human error but when what I believe is a
product that stands out from the rest and the manufacture is having what I call " HURRY UP SYNDROME" there is a problem and I intend to see that they know we are unhappy about them slapping togeather a quaility product.
They are getting to know me on a first name basis and are actualy starting to return MY phone calls and E-mails. I want to use the KK266 then I build my custom computers for the people of Alaska,but, I want to make dran sure that IWILL is getting thier "sheet " togeather first. I will be posting another set of test results after I O.C. my computer.
LMAO I set this ABIT to 155x9

1.2 at 155x9=1395

Stable vcore 1.75,temps 46c fuly loaded.

Memory scores Si Soft Sandra 672,732.

I am glad I read this post,I was having trouble at 136 fsb so I never tried any higher.After reading this I said why not try 150x8,I did that worked,went to 9x150 that was fine 9.5x150 she hung,9x155 so far so good.I will run Pass Mark and post scores here But how do I do that LMAO,How do I get the screen shot pasted on here.
Thanks for letting me know what lol means.
First , the test was a true test, beleve it or not I have nothing to gain either way. I was and still am looking for the best main board and I am very leary about using an IWLL prouduct in one of my custom computers, At least until they decide to quit playing "hurry up" with the boards. I acctually pulled my IWILL out and replaced it with a ABIT for the test at default. I dont get paid to say this crap... but I believe this is why we are all here, to find the best of the best through each others help. The other venders up here help by letting me buy a board at cost from them, then if it wins the test I keep it , if it dont I can return it. The ABIT had better 2D graphics but the IWILL over all did perform better. All the same parts were used that are listed below. Wait until you read my write up on memory (pc 133) . Test used was from www.passmark.com its the best most accurate bench test I have used.
Oh MY GOD you stated you ran these tests on the Abit and the IWILL....


The Abit bench mark you are showing is the BASELINE KT7@1375 RAID that you can get from PassMark !!!!

Your tests make me laugh cause the KT7 is a 200fsb mother board you loser.The IWILL is a 266fsb mother board.

You did not run these tests on these 2 boards,you took a PassMark baseline computer and posted it here trying to impress someone, most likely your self.

I cant beleave I dident check that before I posted here,And the only good that has come from all your B/S is I took my fsb to 155x9.On my KT7A 1.2 266fsb

I wish I knew how to POST THE PASS MARK BASELINE TO BACK UP WHAT I AM SAYING,THe scores you say you got, I have here on my desktop EXACT NUMBERS AS YOUR POST FOR THE ABIT SYSTEM.Dude what a loser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgive me, but if it's the baseline computer at passmark doesn't that mean that they tested it themselves and got that? It's lame that he posted that, if it's true, but does that really make the scores any less legitimate?
Da Whip (Apr 07, 2001 07:40 p.m.):
Just ABIT of info, a pal asked me to download a FAQ for the ABIT KT7-A
(Paul's KT7 FAQ site) I said, no problemo amigo. To my shock this FAQ had over 90 pages of problem solving and fixes for the touted ABIT. It about ran me out of ink.
If all that Iwill did was let a few boards out w/ wrong southbridge chips, its better than Ford/Firestone. No one has been killed by a bad chip. (wounded maybe)

whats the link man ?...............................
My mistake, at least I can admit to a mistake instead of blowing up like a little kid.
The one that is posted is the Abit board off the passmark benchmark comparison/ my board was the olny one at default.
I tell you what you get the same test post your score and ill beat it MR.Abit/ diehad. I hope your board can blow more steam than your mouth.
I dont care if you believe me or not I did test the boards both with my 1.33/266 fsb cpu. It dont matter I was just trying to show you all something I found out that I thought you might find interesting and I posted the wrong score. I will not lower myself to your level mr. diehad. ignorance is blind.
The scores are for 2 different VIA chip sets,

SO yes it matters his Iwill is a 266 fsb the Abit 200fsb

And THE ABIT beats the IWILL the final scores are ABIT 279 Iwill 259.You are a senior Member asking if his bull crap story matters,,,,Is this a comedy site,,,,,
Or an overclockers site ???

I can live with mistakes or jokes or just plain stupid,But this guy is stupid joker who made a mistake on pourpose.LMAO

He claims "pulled my Iwill out for the test of the ABIT"

Well this post is dead EXTREAMONE,that name fits you to a TEE,god help any one who might have any dealings with you on a computer !!!

Roch N.Y
V.P Anthony Simonetti