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Iwill KK266.... IRQ changes in BIOS does nothing in Win2k

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Jan 25, 2001
Basicaly my vid card, sound and nic all sharing IRQ 11

so I go into bios and try to manual set IRQ's to PCI slots

however when I boot into Win2k, 2k keeps detecing all devices are using IRQ 11 still... whats up with KK266 and IRQ settings....just don't work maybe?
Yeah I would like to know the answer too! It seems that not having anything in teh first PCI slot if you have something in the agp slot helps solve the problem but I can't seem to get everything on seperate IRQ's either.

would disabling Parallel port and com1 help? just ideas Iwill(get it!) work on it tonight and post my results. also aftershock check out amdmb.com iwill forum maybe they will have some ideas. I'll keep this thread update about my progress.
Welcome to the real world (of Win2k)! :)

Actually this is a feature of Win2k - it uses the ACPI feature to share ALL devices on one IRQ (9 or 11). BIOS changes are ignored.

The only way to get rid of that crap is to disable the ACPI support in Win2k - so you can assign differnt IRQ's to your devices. But the drawback is, that you loose all your power saving features! :(

Have a look here to check how to do it:

Happy tweaking