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iwill kk266 kt133a pci problems with win 2k pro

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New Member
Apr 23, 2001
have a iwill kk266 k t133a motherboard version 1.2 and i cant seem to find anywhere to load simple pci device drivers for it. the file name is WINNT.inf i downloaded the latest 4 in 1 drivers form the iwill site but they dont have the file either. anyone know where i can get these files or am i just gonna have to wait? any help would be really appreciated.

no error until it comes time to install my pci devices such as my modem and my onboard audio. Then it asks for files namet winnt.inf etc... The 4 in 1 drivers are supposed to take are of that for me, they did in win 98, but they didnt in win2k pro.
Funky is your soundcard a SB LIVE card if so that maybe your problem! Are you using the latest bios? sp1?
here are my stats
iwill kk266 kt133a version 1.2 the newest bios available
800 tbird
256 meg of pc133 RAM
geforce 256 DDR
6.4 gig western digital HD and 500 meg western digital HD
onboard audio
I think maybe it wants the onboard audio drivers , not the 4n1. They are on the cd that came with the mobo.
And your modem will need it's drivers , too.
Very simple to fix man...

1. Make sure that you have an IRQ set for both the video card and the USB.
2. Make sure that no PCI cards are in PCI slot 1 as the AGP shares the IRQ with this port.
3. Make sure that the VIA driver setting in the BIOS is either "Win98" or "Win2k" and not "VIA"
4. Turn down the PCI latency to 0 and see if anything crashes.
5. Download the VIA 4.30 beta drivers and manually change the AGP, CPU to ISA bridge, CPU to PCI bridge, and Power Management controller to the VIA driver through the device manager.

Most of these steps should work, after steps 1, 3, and 5, everything works like a charm.