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Iwill kk266 mobo randomly "re-starts"

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New Member
May 8, 2001
I recently built a system using an Iwill kk266 motherboard and Tbird 900 cpu. All the video and sound cards are working properly, but the machine re-boots whenever it seems fit. I may be installing software, I may be online, or a may be typing a document...the system randomly decides to reboot. Is this a BIOS problem? Any suggestions?
I would update to 0307bios
get rid of that SBlive if you are using it.

put more info in your posts like
are you overclocking when it happens heat?
video card sound card models.
Make sure you have good RAM. cheap ram causes a lot of problems.
size of PS you are using.

Welcome to the forums but give tons of details and you will get "better" advice!
Quite often, random shutdowns and/or restarts can be traced to the PSU. Check to see if yours is on the AMD approved list.
I have not attempted to overclock yet...

iwill kk266 mobo
amd tbird 900
enermax 430 psu
papst 33 cfm fan
alpha pep66t h/s
maxtor 20 gig hdd
sblive 5.1 gamer sound card
ati radeon 64 mb video
sony 12x dvd/40x cdrom
hp 8x4x32x burner
win 98 (eventually win me)
512 mb micron ram

should i look for anything imparticular on the psu?
Okay so now I know you are a serious OCer! I would say it has to be that stupid SBLive problem. just for a test use the onboard audio and see if that solves the problem. You already probably know you will have to unistall all the SB software and drivers too. I hope this works try it out. do you have the "SUPER" IRQ problem with a bunch of devices on one interupt? I would use the 0307 bios too. use the alt-f2 method pretty sweet feature IMHO.
for more SB info check out the link