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Iwill KK266 needs a new video card. If you have this board, what are you running?

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Feb 2, 2001
Iwill KK266 needs a new video card. If you have this board, what are you running?

Time to update to AGP. I discovered after I put this system together that I cannot play quake (an that pisses me off). My current PCI card doesn't support Open GL so it's time to upgrade.

I was looking at the new prophet 4500 64MB which is not a ddr board. It is not for sale to the general public yet but has gotten some rave reviews. Something about tile rendering making it a super fast entry in the mid range price level etc. Goes on sale any minute now.......

Before I go that route though I'm curious what kind of successes you may have had with your cards. Thanks.
I am using the Creative Annihilator 2 GeForce GTS, w/32mb DDR. So far Its getting me 7400 in 3DMark2000. I haven't tried it with 2001, because I've seen lots of bad reports about DirectX 8.
I have an elsa Geforce2 GTS 32mb. I can basically play any game at 1024 res. and up. Depending on how much money you want to spend I think you can pick up a cheap 32mb Geforce2 for 130 clams. You can probably get one of the older Geforce2 MX (not the 200 version) for around half the geforce2. Geforce2 ultras start in at 300+, and geforce3's are 400+. I here the new kyro card is a pretty decent cheap card as well, although it has supposedly got some bugs. BTW, my geforce2 handles 170 bus easily on my kk266 :)
Seabhac, This depends on what you want to spend, sounds like around $200 - 300. I would definately get a Ge Force 2 Ultra, price is down to under $300. The new GeF 3 is going to have some teething problems for the 1st few months, plus it is cost prohibitive.
My Ultra really rocks, stable(w/ Blue Orb) and fast. Love playing Quake 3 and UT on it.
Yuou probably should have put his thread on the Video/ Sound Card section.
DaWhip- I was thinking about putting it in video cards, but I wanted motherboard specific feedback. That seems to be the real issue for OCing. The combination of parts one has makes all the difference. So the GE force cards are working well with my Mobo for high FSB.

I like the idea of tile rendering. It only renders what you see eliminating wasted effort on the part of the card. I am a little concerned about how it will overclock though. Anybody have a KRYO chip and whats it doing when you bump the FSB?
GeoForce2 Ultra is great if you have the $300 and change.

Pricewatch has a GeoForce2 GTS down to $129, which is more reasonable for the performance. eVGA is the OEM brand.