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iwill kk266 - new question

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New Member
Mar 11, 2001
Hey all-

I have one of the KK266 rev 1.1 boards. I've been having multiplier problems.

I havent been able to boot with any multipliers lower than 7.0. (I have an Athlon 800).

After I first connected the L1 bridges, I was only able to boot whole numbers (no x.5). I took off the heatsink and went over the bridges again. Now I can boot with
7.5 and 8.5, but still nothing below 7.0.

As far as the 133 FSB, I've been able to run windows
7.0x133, but it reports the processor speed as 933 (should be 931?). It's also not very stable - Prime95
was giving me errors, and 3Dmark2000 crashed windows.

Is this a board problem, or maybe I need to go back in
and redo the L1 bridges? Anyone else have similar problems?


Athlon 800
Iwill KK266
Matrox Millenium G450
IBM DeckstarGXP
Win98 SE

oh yeah - im using the bios that came with the board

I've fixed the stablity problem - I had the voltage set to
1.7. I bumped it up to 1.85 in the bios, sisandra shows it at 1.92.

As far as multipliers go, still no go at anything under 7.0. I may try updating the bios to the turk later.

I also don't think it is the same problem as everyone else. What happens to me is that I can't post at anything under a multiplier setting of 7.0. When I powerdown and reboot, it defaults to a multiplier of 8.0, which makes sense.

Could be one of my bridges needs to be re-penciled?

Also - my temps are running around 28 C normal/40 C stressed. This ok? Isnt the temp. under-reported
on this board?

Yea, update bios!!!!! Using Iwill instructions from website are meaningless. The F------ readme file with the download must have been written by a part-time Aborigine(sp)

LOL, just received e-mail back from Iwill TS, they didn't even suggest trying bios update; they simply instructed to RMA(this is a ver1.1)
Updated to the Turk Bios

Still no go at <7.0 multiplier. I've been lazy, so I havent gone over the bridges w/ pencil yet again.

Another problem- the multiplier seems to reset itself every other day. Sunday I had my computer up and running 7.0x133. Worked fine on Monday. Tuesday it wouldnt boot, and I had to set the jumper back down to 100. Then I set it back up. Ran fine Tuesday and
Wednesday night at 7.0x133. This morning it would not boot. When I get home from work, I'll have to jumper back to 100, boot, shutdown, and jumper back to 133. Not major, but still an annoyance. It also prevents my wife from using the computer, since she doesnt know how to fix it!

Hey Steve- I'm just wondering. Did you check your mobo resistors to the pic that Ed posted? If not, you should. I'm thinking you got one of those and it needs to be RMA'd???? Worth checking.