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iwill kk266 or abit kt7a???

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Feb 2, 2001
which board do you guys think is better? i know the abit is popular, but all the articles i've read on the iwill is very good as well. seems like they have more room around the cpu as well which is great. and more stable at higher fsb's... etc...

which one would be better?

Difficult to say - I doubt anyone's got both yet, apart from guys like Joe and Ed who review them, so you'll probably only hear opinions about one or the other. I really like the KT7, and the KT7a should be even better - but then the Iwill also sounds great from the reviews. I think I'd probably be tempted by the Iwill, but I'd go with the abit - I haven't seen enough reviews yet of it, but I've seen many complimentary reviews of the Iwill. Plus more people have the KT7a, so it'd probably be easier to get mobo-specific questions answered here.
Seems like the rev1.1 has an auto detect for FSB.
I can't get the 133 mhz option to work with a 100 FSB processor. Tried the turks bios and still nothing.
Looks like you have to hack the board now.
So don't buy if it's rev 1.1 and if you do let me know if it works. Guess it's like the old pin B21 trick on the old PII.
Hey cel950- I went ahead and purchased that Iwill Mobo. If your buying a 266 FSB chip shouldn't be a problem anyway.

Obviously no Mobo is perfect or you wouldn't ever have to buy a new one but if you take what Ed and Joe have to say at face value the Iwill seems to be a better deal. We can always ask them for advice if we hit a snag since they already have this board...

Lemme know what you decide.
Well the Iwill works on a 1000Mhz chip that I unlocked but would not reboot if bus speed was set at any higher than 138Mhz. Would not work @133 with the 1200Mhz that was not locked from factory. Turks bios work great but the KT7A Raid had as good of bench mark @ 133 than the Iwill @137. Ran it up to 156 without a problem with Crucial 133 C2 mem stable and ran cool but when you shut down the computer it would not post upon restart.
Had to reset cmos and start all over again. This board shows promise in time to come but my KT7A Raid is more reliable.