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iwill kk266 questions.

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New Member
Apr 23, 2001
I have an iwill kk266 kt133a mobo and a t bird 800 processor and 256 meg of hi density pc133 RAM. when itry to overclock it and im unsuccessful, ie: it hangs in DOS and i have to shut down. It takes about 5-10 minutes for me to be able to boot back up again. my haqrd drives wont spin up and my video card wont come on if i try to boot up and earlier. Does anyone else have that problem if so is it normal? help me please.
If you want help; provide more info------temps, sys specs, what are you doing to OC(multiplier, FSB, mem settings?)

sorry about that. well as fas as FSB i am runing between 115 and 120 ihave my vcore at auto but it goes around 1.81-1.82 i have 256 meg of hi density pc133 RAM. no multiplier oc yet.but soon. and as for heat well it runs about 53C when under a full load.
Your running to hot; what cooler are you using?
Vcore probably needs increase but that won't help until you get the chip cooled. Info is still pretty sparse!!

"my vcore at auto but it goes around 1.81-1.82"

I assume you use something like Sandra to check the vcore. The Auto setting will find the default voltage of your cpu which is 1.70V. Never mind those 1.81V reading you see because if you manually set to 1.75V, you will still see 1.81V. What I'm trying to say is that some of those reading are not 100% accurate. I think you just need more vcore. Today is very warm, even my cpu is at the 43C/50Cs.

TBird 800@950, 6.5X146, 1.75V (Good for 1GHz in winter @ 1.85V) Alpha FC-PAL35T & 26cfm fan.
well i use my via hardware monitor that came with my motherboard. Im using a chrome orb cooler and arctic silver thermal grease. i set my DRAM clock at 133 if that helps any.
I use my via hardware monitor to check my vcore readings that is. Sorry about that.
You need a better HSF; also your mem is running at FSB+33(@115+33=148). If the memory is generic you may have a problem. What brand is the memory?

What version board do you have? FYI version 1.2 has a "misplaced" resistor and won't let you clock above 8.5 if I'm correct. more info at the KK266 support-FAQ website... Goodluck, BTW I have a ver. 1.2 board, not sure yet if it has a resistor prob. though, I'm still tryin to get mine running!
Does it work at 100 FSB. With a locked chip you are pushing 8x115= 920MHz - 53C is high, and an indication that this may be too much for you Chip/Fan/Heatsink combo.

You may have to improve cooling first of all.

Also you are running ram at the FSB speed and not at FSB+33?

Regarding the 1.81 V, the regulators on the KK boards are off by a little, but in the higher direction.

Default is 1.75 if I am not mistaken. If you want to run exactly at default, you will have to set it to 1.7V (using manual setting).


I think I know what is going on here. First of all you have not increase you vcore from the default 1.7V (TBirds starting at 1GHz use 1.75V). Please don't set the vcore based on hardware monitor program, just go by the vcore adjustment setting. The second reason is the memory setting is tuned way over than what your Ram can take. You have the FSB running at 115 to 120MHz and that fine if you are using HOST CLK in DRAM Speed. Now this is the part that's went wrong, when you set the DRAM Speed to HCLK+33 (4/3=1.33, 100MHzX1.33=133MHz). You are thinking 115MHz+33MHz=148MHz. Nope. At 115MHz fsb with the HCLK Ratio 4/3=1.33 (115MHzX1.33=153MHz). At 153MHz memory speed, your ram might be able to run using CAS3 but definitely not CAS2 unless you have good PC150 CAS2 Ram. To take care of your problem, raise a little vcore to 1.75-1.85V and use HOST CLK in DRAM Speed+max memory timing. or it is time to unlock that TBird of yours.