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Iwill kk266-r questions and performance tips needed.

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Jan 21, 2001
Can you run 2 or 4 drives on raid as strip and use the regular ide for other hard drives and cd's and so on?

I know you can run 2 or 4 but how bout 3 drives on raid as strip? NOT! right?

System performance help!

Memory module i have. "1 pc 256"
Tonicom S.I.M. BGA PC166 Memory(168 Pin - 3.3 Volt - Unbuffered)
Cas 2 Latency at PC133 & PC150 - Cas 3 Latency at PC166
(6 Layer Single Bank - Low Profile Module Boards For Extremely Low Signal Noise)

Can i run my memory at 150 while leaving everything else (cpu) at default spec's?
Memory setting is at "Dimm0 (tras-trp-trcd) fastest (5-2-2)"
SDRAM Cycle length at (2)
Bank interleaving (?)
DRAM Page Module (?)

Cpu settings help!

Spread Spectrum Modulated ? Disable/enable ?, and what is this anyway?
Cpu clock at (133) Type in here is sooooooooo cool!
Cpu Clock ratio is on "Auto" ??
Cpu Vcore setting on "Auto" ?? VIA Hardware Monitor say its running 1.82.

What Vcore do i run my 1.2@266 at?

System temps question: What is normal or good cpu and system temps?
My kk266-r came with via hardware monitor version 107 and i cant seem to find an update at all. I seen a screen shot here some where of version 2+. Where can i get it?
Heh. I have your EXACT same setup. You can crank up that tonicom. make sure you have the kkr0307.bin bios installed. set your ram timings to fastest, sdram cycle length to 2, bank interleave to 4 way, dram page mode to enable? (set whatever sounds faster, I tested it and didn't get any boost to my memory scores). At these settings my system runs stable at up to 164 mhz, 170mhz if i slow the timings to normal, 2, 4 way, enable. As for overclocking your cpu it definately depends on the heatsink and fan you have installed. I wouldn't recommend letting your cpu go over 130 degrees F. I am sure alot of people will disagree with it (here come the flames ! :( ). As long as you don't overheat the cpu you can crank the vcore up. Also be aware the iwill seems to run a higher vcore then the setting says (1.85 on mine is 1.93 actual). As for running the memory faster than the cpu I think you can (sort of) BUT WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO. If you run under 133 mhz bus you can bump the memory clock speed up 33 mhz. If you really want to get the most out of your system you should really run it at over 160 mhz bus speed. Raid doesn't support 3 drives, but it works nice with 2 drives :) If you have any crashing problems be sure to check the device manager to see if you have too many devices on 1 irq. When I set up mine I had 2 mobo devices, my vid card, network card, and sound card on the same IRQ!!!! Needless to say the system wouldn't run under load for over 30 minutes without a crash until I moved them around :) I have no idea what that spectrum thing is but I left mine disabled. If you want to clock the bus speed set your cpu multiplier down to 7.5 and set your bus speed to 160. That will give you 1200 mhz. If you have adequate cooling try cranking up the multiplier slowly and watch your temps. If you can't get it stable at a certain speed you can slowly raise the vcore. If you don't have good cooling get some :) btw, i am running mine right now at 1.4 ghz (8.5 x 164, 1.93 vcore - max ram settings) using a 80 x 60 taisol heatsink with a 42cfm 80mm fan. If you need any more info let out a yell ???
Thanx alot Kriegster. Iwill ??? re-read that several times. In the mean time, (here comes my flame) i am running a super orb. "I NOW know ='s ew" My cpu seems to stay around 111-113 just hanging around and browsing the net. In the bios it says about the same. Bios puts a full load on right?
0307 bios is installed. Great boot to bios rwdflash thing for (me) us dos dummies out there.
Oh, when changing to what you suggest, is there a problem with the pci becoming overclocked? Like my leadtek gf2 pro or my othere only pci card which is a 3com network card? Yes im new to system part speeds and clocking. ;D

Thanks alot
no, bios doesn't put the cpu under full load. Under no load or bios my cpu runs about 108 F and under full load over 120 F. If you want to be safe reduce your vcore. Try running it at 1.675 or so in the bios until your via h. monitor shows 1.75. That should drop your temps a bit more. To test your cpu under full load you need to run some cpu intensive programs whilr running and watching via h. monitor. I ran quake2 in a 1024 window for about an hour or so to get the temps up near maximum. I have gotten mine up to 124 F while gaming :) Your geforce2 card should handle the bus speed fine, not sure about that 3 com network card. I have a 3 com that cuts out above 165mhz but other people say they can get theirs higher. With your super orb I would think you should be able to run at 1.3 ghz at 1.75vcore (actual vcore- not the bios setting!) safely (watch those temps under full load to be sure- also remember if your room temp goes up 10 degrees your cpu will probably run 8 degrees or so warmer. You may even be able to run near 1.4 ghz at an even lower vcore if the cpu will run stable. Im really not sure what your heatsink will do so watch your tempos and try overclocking with low vcore's first. raising a cpu speed will increase your temp and raising your vcore will increase temp. If you are now running at what we assume is your target temp you will have to reduce your vcore so you can increase your cpu speed. Perhaps 8.5x 160 at 1.625 vcore setting (probably 1.69 =/- in via hm) might work for you :) good luck - and don't forget to watch those temps under a FULL load for a couple hours in a warm room before trusting it and playing games all night long :) another thing to try is to run your pc while your case is open. if your temps are alot better you may need to ventilate your case better if you want to overclock higher
About that "Spread Spectrum Modulate". ALWAYS keep it disabled, as it modulates the bus speed very slightly to reduce Electro-Magnetical Radiation, causing unstability.

BTW, my mobo also shows the vcore higher than what I set it to. Altough I have a faulty voltage regulator, it seems.

Hope that helps.
Too much grease can be bad? I'm new to that type of thing and have always bought retail p2's and p3's for slot 1's. So that makes me a geasy dummy. As stated above i have a super orb plastered on here and aint removing it till i do some research and buy a better/safer hsf to play with. Just from reading here, i know i over did it with the grease.

Back to system clocking and so on.
Last night i set whats suggested above "Perhaps 8.5x 160 at 1.625 vcore setting (probably 1.69 =/- in via hm) might work for you" and it ran fine without much testing and stressing. But i got a call from the wife this morning and she said it was stuck on the detecting drives screen. So i talked her through resetting it all back to "auto". Cpu was running 1.3something. All seemed fine as i looked in viahwm and wpuid. So now im back to auto for now and researching hsf investments while i learn more about all this stuff. What a waist of a brand new super blorb.

Oh, some fan spec's we got here. Front is a High Output 80mm, Sunon 4 Pin - Specs:Model - KD1208PTB1-6,42.5 cfm
Unknown spec's on the 80mm rear fan. Added a small fan "GlobalWin FA420" to the board chip.
Ive heard some say they have 80mm fans on thier cpu's? Thats nuts but ill do it if it helps and works. Any suggestions? Im sure it cant be to pricy.

ADDED in edit:
Cpu temp 43c and system currect temp 27c. Is my grease cousing my cpu temp to be farther off than my system current temp? You know what i mean? Viahwm shows 50 as to high on system and its 27c. But the cpu shows 60c as to high and its farther off that %'age wise -43c.
Don't worry about grease. all these guys warn this and that but the pressure from the sink will push it out. the first alpha pal I got ( p3 600e days) even said that it would push out the excess.
You do need some badass ram to push these babies - my kt7a wouldn't do more than 140 , now my crucial pc133 cas 2 is lookin old.
Where to get that swee-eet pc166 be4 prices jump again ? I am lookin at ocz pc166 cas 2 for 119 for 256 megs.
yeah dont worry bout the grease it all smooshes out :) I got my ram from pcboost (tonicom pc166) and it works great (256 mb stick does 164 at max speed settings and 170 at near max settings, mobo wont let me go higher). I think you can get it cheaper. search for it on pricewatch.com. Try running your processor somehwere between the 1.625 and default setting. Actually default is 1.75 "i think" so play with the settings until via hm reports the vcore to be about there. your super orb should be able to handle between 1.3 and 1.4 hopefully at 1.75 or below vcore. word of warning. I have heard alot of complaints that people are breaking their cpu by trying to remove their superorb :( if you do decide to toss it be sure to find out how to safely remove it, or wait a few months until the price of buying a new cpu warrants the risk :)
Im now running:
These are all from WcpuID version 3.0.
internal clock 1343.81
316.19 system bus
158.10 system clock
8.5 multiplyer

Via hardware monitor version 1.07 (is there any update from version 1.07?)
Temps are: CPU 45c/113f, system current temp 26c/78f.
Vcore = 1.84,
2.5v = 0.34
3.3v = 3.40
5v = 4.98
12v = 11.95
Look Ok?
Seems to be stable so far. New fan info need if its not any trouble.
Be careful if you decide to replace the superorb. I have heard quite a few *horror* stories about people breaking their cpu's while trying to remove it :( You also might want to add some active cooling to raise the bus speed some more. That tonicom ram should handle mid-160's at max ram timings and 170+ at near max settings :)

update...sorry about the repeats i forgot what i posted last time..alright i admit it - i'm bucking for another star !!! ???
Ive backed her down just a bit. Im running 160 system clock and 7.5 multiplyer. This leaves my cpu at 1.2 and my temps nice. Im gonna hold off on bumping this cpu to 1.3 - 1.4 till i get better coolong. My system temps are very low while my cpu temp is way high if i go higher with the cpu so this makes me think the super borb isnt doing jack.