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Iwill KK266-R raid question

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Feb 14, 2001
I got my KK266-R board and i had a couple problems with it at the begining. When i first installed winblows, ot would freeze up when it was detecting plug and play hardware. I know my IBM 30gb 75gxp drives were good and everything else cuz they worked fine with my Kt7a-r board. I got the new bios and it seems everything went fine this time.

What is a good benching program to test the raid drives. What are the scores i should be gettin with them.

It's ultra stable now runnin at a 157fsb and a 1.1 t-bird @ 1334. I can get it to 160 when i turn it down my ram to cl3. Wish i had some nice pc166. I replaced the northbridge cooler with a fan one like the kt7a's and added AS. I ran 3dmark 2000 30 times in a loop and it stayed stable as hell.

Wish my kt7a would have o/c as nice. It wouln't run above 142 stable.
Well, I just use Sandra and I would get score around 40,000-42,000 all depend if I've defraged my hard drive or not. You might have better score because of you processor power, Some people get around 44,000-47,000.
Besides the sandra you can also try HD tach 2.61. I think the scores should be 40-something k. Also, there is a setting in the bios to allow the pc to detect plug and play devices (plug and play os installed -yes- -no-). It would also be prudent to check your IRQ assignments. Win98 and my kk266-r in their infinate wisdom decided to install my video card, network card, and sound card all on the same IRQ!!! I was crashing, locking up, or auto-rebooting every 20 - 30 minutes :( I then moved them around so that each IRQ has only 1 pci device or no more than 2 devices and haven't had any troubles since :)