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IWILL KK266-R vs. Abit KT7A Raid - Which is stablest?

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Da Whip

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Feb 2, 2001
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I am ready to order my MOBO and was sold on the Abit KT7A when I found this site.[http://www.icrontic.com/faqs/kt7faq/kt7faq.htm]
It seems that almost every component has some issue with the KT7A. We are talking sound cards, video, internet, ethernet, you name it.

My question to the all powerful OZ is, is the KK266-R safer and more stable w/o sacrificing overclockability?
What video card is best for this board? (I have a Visiontek GeForce 2 Ultra)
What type of memory is used w/ this board?
Any and all help and advice is appreciated.
Anand loved it!

He used Mushkin SDRAM and a GeForce2 GTS like he does in all his testing. It rated at the top in stability and was able to run with the FSB up to 148 MHz. Looks good to me.
IMHO if the reviews that Joe and Ed have done on the main page of the forum are any indicator, I would say the KK266 is more stable. From the data they presented the O/C you can achieve on the KK266 is higher or at least the FSB is. Check it out.
get the i will, they deserve it!!!
get it search on pricewatch.com for 132 dollars
I am in possesion of both boards, and here is what I have to say. If you want a better overclock, chances are better with the abit. The Iwill board has some problems with some of the multiplier settings, and the FSB is as stable as the KT board. Yes you can crank the FSB up, but the multiplier has to be moved down to do this, with my chip I was losing ground. I have a Duron 800. On the I will board I could get 935 with 8.5*110. And that was all it would do stablily. I put the exact same chip on the abit and hit 1000 with 7.5 * 133. This ran about 90% stable, which means 2 things. I got a better overclock on the abit, but my chip is still a bum. So tommorrow I will get another chip and try again, if I get different results I will let you know. One more thing, I am having problems with the Iwill board getting it to post. One time it will, next it wont, if it does post, it will run perfectly stable upon running, but if I reboot, it may not post again. All I can say, is don't rush your buy too much. Good luck.
My money goes to the msI K7T turbo ,check it out is is an awsom board.Way less money ,some awsom features. It is ever ever so slightly behind abit in scores but way more stable.Has raid and all the cool ****